Man tattoos his whole body in just four years – but hasnt seen parents since

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Tristan Weigelt has undergone one of the world’s most extreme transformations in just four years – by tattooing 95% of his body.

He now looks completely unrecognisable after his £40,000 makeover – but he hasn’t actually seen his parents since.

That’s because the American tattoo apprentice, 25, now lives in Copenhagen where he has become addicted to body art.

And this month he shared before and after snaps on Instagram, where he has 38,000 followers.

Underneath the post one fan commented: “What does your parents say about it? Have you seen them in person yet with the new look?”

Tristan replied “I have not. My mum would hate it tho.”

He added that he had no plans to see his family soon – but he previously admitted to Daily Star that women find his appearance scary.

Tristan said: “People stare a lot but I don’t notice it as much.

“It scares a lot of women away but apart from that there hasn't been any backlash. Most people are really positive.

“A lot of people stare and are pretty fascinated. My friends now say that it’s almost like walking around with a celebrity.”

But he added: “My parents hate it”

He has endured 260 hours under the needle and underneath his recent before and after post, another commenter asked: “Amazing man but what are you gonna do when you're old?”

Tristan replied with the word “die” followed by a laughing emoji.

The only areas of his body not yet tattooed are his palms, private parts and the bottom of his feet and ears.

He said the most painful areas to be inked were his face, armpits, solar plexus and feet.

And although his appearance is drastically different, Tristan insisted: “Nothing has really changed apart from my skin tone.

“I’m still the same old me on the inside. I certainly don’t feel different inside to what I did back then.”

Ever since he got his first tattoo, Tristan had ambitions of being covered.

“I thought ‘why not?’ I’ve come this far so I might as well continue,” he said.

His orange tattoo suit – including a dragon on his back – is inspired by “Japanese tradition”.

And Tristan gave the following advice to those interested in getting inked.

He said: “To anyone out there considering a tattoo, get the tattoo you like.

“Get what you love and what makes sense to you. I see so many people worried about a certain tattoo fitting them or it not being their style. If you like it – then get it…

“Nobody would’ve told me my tattoos would have fit me if I asked somebody five years ago.

“But now, nobody can imagine me without them.”

Earlier this year Tristan shared old pictures with Daily Star taken before he covered 95% of his body in ink.

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