Man inks eyes, splits tongue & removes bellybutton in extreme body modification

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A tattoo and body modification obsessive has opened up about why he loves altering his appearance.

Ethan Modboy Bramble, an online influencer who has over 218,000 Instagram followers on his @ethanmodboybramble page, is covered from head to toe in designs.

The 24-year-old, who has a baby daughter and lives in Australia, even has a split tongue, implants, and black, inked eyeballs.

Oh, and he’s had his belly button removed… why not?

Speaking to the Daily Star, he said: “I started getting tattooed because I always found it interesting.

“Especially for how long it has been around and how frowned upon it still is – it’s mind blowing."

He continued: “I have to many to count now.

“After a time they all just kinda blend into one giant tattoo.”

Ethan’s tattoos are worth a small fortune, but luckily for him he has many friends within the industry who ink him up for “almost nothing”.

And, when it comes to pain, he’s no stranger after spending hours under the needle.

Ethan told us: “My ribs were definitely the most painful tattoo I’ve ever sat through. It was borderline sadism!”

But, some of the tattoo fan’s ink was definitely worth the pain as he has some very meaningful pieces.

He explained: “I have a noose tattooed on the inside of my biceps that has written under it ‘forget me knot’.

“It was for a friend who took their own life many years ago.”

Ethan isn’t just a lover of ink, either, and shared the extend of his many body modifications.

He said: “I actually have a lot of work done, I have my tongue split, implants in my hand and arm, eyes tattooed, ears cropped and stretched, stretched nostrils, no belly button, the list goes on and on.”

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And, his split tongue was the worst to cope with when healing.

Ethan noted: “The tongue split was definitely the more difficult to recover from, you honestly can’t to anything (even eat properly) for about five days.”

Now, that’s dedication to an aesthetic!

Ethan commented: "I get attention no matter where I go, sometimes it gets annoying but you learn to cope."

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