Majorca holidays may never be the same again – 40% of bars and restaurants now feared to close permanently

A HOLIDAY to Majorca may be changed for good as restaurants and bars fear permanent closure.

The Spanish island has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with the holiday destination reliant on tourism.

However, with borders closed and flights stopped, the usual influx of British and German tourists have also stopped.

Clubs and hotels which were once crowded with tourists have been left deserted and boarded up.

Bars and restaurants have been able offer deliveries and take-away services, but this hasn't been able to prevent thousands of job losses, which could mean a very different holiday for anyone who returns.

Vice chairman of the Majorcan Gastronomers Association Helmut Clemens told German media: "I assume that 40 per cent of all catering businesses will not make it."

Also a chef, he has already had to close one of this three restaurants

Food shop owner Stefan Huber said: "I've set June as my deadline. If things don't pick up again by then, I'll shut down. For good."

The holiday island had originally hoped that tourism could start up again from March, according to the Balearic Islands Tourism Minister Iago Negueurela.

Last month, Mr Negueurela expressed his hopes for a restart during the Easter holidays, but has now called that "somewhat utopian".

The Majorca Hoteliers Federation echoed this, according to local media, and warned that the current lockdown restrictions are likely to remain in place for the next few months.

President of the Aviba association of travel agents Francesc Mulet added: "We won't have an Easter.

"In order to have a tourist season, all the control measures will have to be applied during the first quarter of the year so that we can be 'clean' in May and June."

Spain's tourism sector has reported losses of €106bn due to coronavirus, with Barcelona, Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca hit the hardest.

The country has enforced a flight ban between the UK and Spain due to the new Kent Covid strain until February 2, although this may be extended even further.

Brits also cannot go on holiday to Spain right now due to the UK lockdown, as well as need a negative Covid test on arrival and departure.

Countries are also looking at enforcing vaccine passports on holidaymakers.

While they may not ban travel outright, holidaymakers who have had the vaccine are likely to be able to travel freely without quarantines or restrictions.

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