Love Island’s Lucie Donlan shares cruel posts from trolls about Luke M romance

Love Island star Lucie Donlan hits out at online trolls who called her a s*** and a snake after Demi Jones claimed the Cornwall babe had hooked up with Luke Mabbott while they were still together.

The 21-year-old suffer and model had been flooded with abuse ever since Demi, 22, appeared in a YouTube video revealing her thoughts and feelings behind her break-up with Luke.

Standing up to online bullies, Lucie decided to call out those who had attacked her with words and instead decided to expose their cruel comments.

Pushing the reality star to her limits with their revolting slander, sharing the comments to her story, Lucie urged "Be the solution. Not the problem".

Luke was quick to run to his girlfriends defence, taking to his own platform with an up close and personal eye snap.

Along with the zoomed in image, he captioned: "We see every comment, every message.

"My parents always said 'if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all.'

"Being nice costs nothing," before reaffirming, "Be the solution. Not the problem."

Only last week, Luke, 25, was forced to address his split from social media influencer Demi after she'd claimed he'd been unfaithful in a YouTube clip.

Shutting Demi down, he claimed their relationship had been faked in a bid to drum up sales for her clothing launch.

Speaking on the video, Demi told fans: "So we were all happy, we came out of the villa, we came third which was absolutely amazing, we were all caught up in the Love Island craziness.

"Then we had two weeks worth of freedom, it was red carpets, it was events, and then Covid-19 happened and we were pushed into lockdown.

"As time went on over lockdown, I wasn't really getting my energy reciprocated so I was getting left on read quite frequently, I wasn't really getting any phone calls, texts or nothing."

Demi continued: "I was thinking 'it's lockdown so surely you're more likely to be on your phone and making an effort?' So I knew in my heart that something wasn't right, it wasn't really working.

"I did say to him on numerous occasions, 'how do you feel, do you want to continue this?' And he said he did and he wanted to meet up with me when lockdown finished and I was quite satisfied with that."

She went on: "Very shortly after, I actually received some photos via my DM from a fan that had spotted Luke and Lucie in Cornwall together. I actually never told Luke this because I didn't want beef but I saw it and this was literally less than two weeks after the public breakup.

"I went back and went through all of Lucie's profile to see if there was anything on there to see that they are together, and I noticed all of these cryptic captions with loads of 'shhh' emojis and about getting butterflies and secret eyes.

"I put two and two together and obviously they must have started talking during lockdown. He then obviously wanted to meet up with her or maybe was already meeting up with her, I don't know, and that's why he suddenly wanted to cut it [with me]."

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