Love Islands Aaron Francis wont rule out the possibility of sex in the villa

Previous participants on Love Island have often been faced with the dilemma of whether or not to should engage in sexual intercourse while in the villa.

And for new islander Aaron Francis, he says he can't rule out the prospect of having sex on TV.

Speaking to Daily Star and associated press, the luxury events host openly said he "can't guarantee" that he won't go all the way with another islander, as he may become more comfortable when he forgets the cameras are still rolling.

Talking openly, Aaron, 24, explained: "To be honest with that, obviously I haven't seen the villa or gone into the villa but after a couple of days, it will probably just start to feel like it's normal life. Not normal life, but you won't think about the cameras so much.

"In terms of that, you do subconsciously know that you're going to be on TV but I would like to say that no I wouldn't go all the way on TV but obviously I don't know what kind of relationships I'm going to get into."

He added: "I don't know how strong of a connection I'm going to build with certain people so I can't guarantee anything really.

"Because I mean look, when two people really like each other things happen. So yeah I can't guarantee anything, we'll just have to wait and see really."

Aaron, who hasn't been in a relationship for roughly seven months, said he doesn't mind if any of his exes tune in to watch the shenanigans on the show.

Elaborating further, he said: "In terms of like exes as long as they're comfortable with it, I feel like it should be alright.

"Obviously, I don't know exactly how they're feeling, I don't know how they felt when they saw the announcement.

"But for me, if anyone wants to watch it then watch it but if it's going to make you uncomfortable or create animosity, then obviously I'd prefer just for their own personal well-being that they don't watch it.

"I can't really help that can I? I just got to do my thing and see what happens."

In terms of the kind of women he's hoping to find Aaron, is looking for someone with great personality and looks.

He explained: "With looks generally I like dark hair, dark features and a cute smile, I love a cute smile.

"With personality I love someone who is genuinely confident, not someone who feels that they need to be really loud to get attention from anyone. But they're also like really driven, they're passionate, they know what they want.

"Also for me, someone that is family orientated as well."

In terms of turn-offs Aaron said: "Someone who is argumentative and loves raising their voice. For me someone raising their voice at me is like the ultimate disrespect.

"That's not how I do things, that's not how it goes in my family," he expressed.

Love Island returns to screens on Monday 28th June at 9pm on ITV2.

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