Lonely pensioner who put sign in his window asking for pals inundated by calls

A lonely OAP who put a sign up in his window in order to meet friends has been overwhelmed by the number of responses he has received.

Tony Williams, 75, from Alton, East Hampshire, made headlines this week after claiming that he felt “cursed” by loneliness after his wife died in May.

His beloved Jo passed away this year just nine days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

The retired physicist has no children and said that he often sat at home hoping that the phone would ring, but “it never does”.

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Tony handed out business cards and put adverts in the paper to try and make some new mates.

Heartbreakingly, he received no replies.

Now, though, the pensioner is lonely no more.

In just the few days since news outlets circulated his story, Tony has received between 50 and 70 phone calls from strangers.

Plus, thousands of emails.

Speaking to LADbible, Tony said: "I just regret so much that it's impossible for me to answer even a small fraction [of calls and emails], but I'd like them to know that I've received so many messages of goodwill and kindness and compassion that I'm overwhelmed by it.

"If I could meet them all in Albert Hall I would tell them how much I care for them and how much I'd like to reach out to them as they reached out to me.

“The love and the kindness and the compassion they've shown actually brought tears to my eyes."

Tony ha even been contacted by a teacher at a local school who asked if her school pupils could send him letter.

And, calls from as far as America and Canada have flooded in.

Tony added: "One lady phoned up and said if I get on a plane sometime she would pick me up and show me her area of Florida.

“I don't think I'll be doing it, but she was really genuine.”

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The OAP met his “soul mate” Jo over 35 years ago and said their marriage was “perfect harmony”.

The couple lived in the Forest of Dean, Glouchestershire, for 25 years but moved to be closer to Jo’s sister.

Sadly, Tony’s wife died shortly after the move leaving him isolated and lonely.

The headline grabbing poster Tony stuck in his window read:

"I have lost Jo, my lovely wife and soul mate.

"I have no friends and nobody to talk to.

"I find the unremitting silence 24-hours-a-day unbearable torture.

“Can nobody help me?”

The OAP said that weeks would pass in silence after Jo died and so he was thrilled that his life is filled with company again.

Tony added: “For a long, long time, for weeks and weeks and weeks, it looked as if I was pushing doors open and they were immediately slammed in my face.

“I had that feeling.

“And then I was isolated and almost totally abandoned and I thought, I've got to do something about that.”

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