Logan & Jake Paul Could Make Millions In Potential Boxing Match

After several bouts of controversial stunts, brothers Jake and Logan Paul have become some of the most successful Youtube content creators. The two have done it all on the platform, from flashy music videos to mischievous pranks. However, the Paul brothers have lately set their sights on taking over the sport of boxing. Following a fans’ request of scheduling more fights, the two believe that the most record-breaking event in sports history would be none other than Paul vs. Paul!

The infamous brothers made their boxing debut on August 25, 2018, respectively going against fellow YouTubers KSI and Deji. The fights took place in Manchester, England, and were filmed for a pay-per-view on Youtube. It was a massive success, earning $3.5 million in ticket sales and bringing 1.05 million views to the site. After KSI and Logan’s fight resulted in a draw, a rematch was planned, which Paul lost in a split decision.

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Fans of the brothers and boxing alike wait with bated breath for the next few months as Logan is set to go toe-to-toe with champion fighter Floyd Mayweather. His brother is scheduled to have a fight against martial artist Ben Askren. Both events are sure to have a sizable turnout, but Jake believes that a battle against his brother would be much more successful.

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“I’m a showman, so is Jake, and we had a little rivalry on YouTube that has never been matched and I don’t believe it ever will,” Logan explains to Access, “I’d go ahead and say Logan Paul versus Jake Paul would be one of the greatest, and biggest and highest-grossing pay-per-view combat sports events of all time.”

This emerging trend of YouTube boxing has made these brothers even more money than ever. While exact numbers are not public, YouTuber AnEsonGib made more than $900,000 for his fight with Jake. The Paul brothers have admitted to making much more money through boxing than they ever have from their glowing careers as Youtubers.

“You can make millions of dollars on YouTube and it’s lucrative, but there’s a cap. You can only get to a certain threshold,” Jake tells Forbes (who listed him as #2 on their 2018 list of highest paying Youtubers), “You look at the highest-paid boxers, and it’s Floyd Mayweather. That’s why boxing is my focus. I’m excited about the upside of it.”

It’s very likely that the battle of the brothers may actually as their boxing careers have become the talk town for the past three years. No matter who gets knockout first, it’s definitely a win-win for the Pauls.

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