Lockdown Fitness: Full-body workout with a chair

Personal trainer and author Tally Rye is back with a new workout to help you stay active during lockdown.

This week, Tally has created a simple home workout that works every muscle group in your body – and all you need is a chair.

‘To help mix up your home workouts, you don’t need to invest in lots of gym equipment,’ Tally tells Metro.co.uk. Instead, try incorporating a chair into your workouts to help take bodyweight exercises up a notch. Here are 5 of my faves.

Elevated press-up

If you’re working towards building up to a full press up, this is a great exercise to add into your sessions.

Start in a high plank with your hands near the side of the chair, as you press up aim to get as close to the chair as you can before pushing back up again.

Take these to a kneeling press up position if you need to.

I recommend 8-12 depending on your level.

Bulgarian split squat

This is a great variation to include in addition or instead of squats as it not only challenges the single leg, but an increase in depth means greater recruitment of the glutes; muscles we want to keep strong.

Place the back foot on the chair, and make sure you have enough space to lunge into a 90-degree position.

Be sure to bend the back leg as well, however the weight should be mainly distributed through the front leg.

I recommend 10-12 on each leg.

Hip thrust

Another exercise to help strengthen the glutes and lower back.

Position your mid back  on the edge of the chair (you may like to use a cushion for padding).

Start with the hip raised into a table top position, and the chin tucked in. Keeping your eyes on the knees and the weight of your legs in the heels of your feet, lower the hips down.

Engage the glutes at the bottom of the range by giving them a clench, and drive the hips back up to the starting table top position.

I recommend 12-15 reps per set.

Singe leg step-ups

Once again, incorporating unilateral moves, to strengthen the lower body.

Place your front foot flat on your chair, with you foot on the floor on it’s toes.

Tilt your torso forward over your front leg, push through the foot on the chair and step up, keeping your back foot suspended off the chair.

Control as you lower back down, aiming to keep your weight through your front foot and landing back on your tip toes with the back foot.

Make sure your chair is sturdy for this one.

I recommend completing 8-10 on each leg.

Elevated X-climbers

This variation of the mountain climber helps to engage and strengthener core.

Start in the elevated plank position, and raise your right knee towards your left elbow, go back to plank and then raise your left knee to the right elbow.

Keep these slow and controlled to increase the time under tension for the muscles.

I recommend sets of 16-20 reps.

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