Local New York brewery, Blue Point Brewery, launches What The L? beer

The L train partial shutdown has left many New York residents in a state of frustration and confusion — but Blue Point Brewery wants to alleviate that stress with its newest beer.

What The L? is the company's response to Governor Cuomo's former decision to shut down the crosstown subway line that transports Brooklyn residents to Manhattan and vice versa. Cuomo's previously-proposed plan would have closed the line in April for a 15-month restoration project in the Canarsie Tunnel.

"We knew we had to do something to help New Yorkers, and we decided to come up with a beer — what better way to unwind from the chaos that all of this is causing," Jenna Lally, president of Blue Point, explained.

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The beer is a Helles-style lager with 5.2 percent ABV. Its distinct label was created by Winston Tseng, a New York artist known for his work around the subway promoting a trash-free city along with MTA updates. Tseng worked with the company in the past on its Delayed beer which was created in 2017 to help commuters get through the infamous 'summer of hell.'

"It's really sessionable and a beer we think many different types of beer drinkers will love," said Lally.

What the L? will be released the day construction on the tunnel is expected to begin. It will initially be released at bars, supermarkets and convenience stores along the L train route in Brooklyn — but the company plans on distributing the beer to the greater New York area in the summer.

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