Lizzo Calls Out TikTok Users Who Use Her Name to Diss 'Big Girls': 'That Is a Compliment'

"Keep putting my name in the comments," she quipped to close out the video.

The singer, who is known for her body-positive lyrics and for being an empowering icon, captioned the passionate clip, "I love the bbws of TikTok!!! Big girl, you are beautiful!!!"

Lizzo spoke out this week amid the protests against racial injustice and police brutality that have erupted across the United States following the killing of George Floyd.

The artist, who started her music career in Minneapolis where Floyd was killed, relayed heartbreaking messages she has received from members of the Minnesotan community about the violence that has broken out amid peaceful demonstrations.

"What they just told me is at this point all the violence, the majority of the violence that's happening in that city is coming from the KKK and the heavily militarized police," Lizzo said on her Instagram Live Sunday, according to Billboard. "There are people coming from the south, there are white supremacist terrorist groups coming from the south, patrolling the streets, shooting people."

"I'm tired of putting myself in danger," she continued. "It's not danger from the protesters, [it's] danger from the police who don't value me. Danger of the white supremacist groups who are shooting at people, who are running people over with their cars. How do we not see where the issue is? Why is everyone being so — in the media — political? This isn't a political issue. The issue is in politics, but it's not a political issue. It's so much deeper than politics. It's in the veins of this country … there is racism running through its veins."

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