Lisa Vanderpump Claims She Never Sent That Bill to Kyle Richards (Exclusive)

“It was never about her. She made it about her.”

That bill had nothing to do with Kyle Richards… But Kyle Richards made it about Kyle Richards.

So says her nemesis du jour Lisa Vanderpump, who claimed the contentious check was actually being sent to the Bravo executive, and the Bravo executive alone.

Since the May 13 Shu storm, Kyle accused Lisa of being a dining and dashing cheapskate, having sent the $132 bill to her table. But Lisa had the literal receipts to show she paid in full (and tipped in cash).

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“Well I showed you my bank statement which showed I paid the bill,” she said on Tuesday, after a not-quite-as-eventful dinner at Cecconi’s in WeHo with husband Ken Todd.

“But it was never about her,” she added. “She made it about her.”

Lisa rejected the suggestion she was a cheapskate, having left $40 for the waiter on the night, well above the standard 20% of $26.

When asked who is the biggest tipper between her and her former RHOBH castmate, she wouldn’t even dignify the question with an answer.

“Come on — do you need to ask that?” she scoffed, before driving off.

But before leaving the carpark, she decided to clarify further about the original intent of the bill stunt.

“It was never sent to her,” she explained. “It was sent to the producer who produces four of the shows I’ve been in. How about that?”

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So he should have picked up his star’s tab?

“Exactly,” Lisa agreed. “You tell him. It was never meant for her.”

So now that this one slice of their porterhouse beef has apparently been resolved — can it ever be quashed between them?

“I’ve gotta go shoot Vanderpump Rules,” she ignored once again, before joking as Ken pulled a burner on cue: “Anyway, I didn’t pay the bill over there — I’ve got to get out of here!”

The beef, however looks unlikely to be quashed any time soon.

The very next night, on “Watch What Happens Live” after the RHOBH season 11 premiere, Kyle insisted there was more to the story.

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“When she left the dinner, she went outside and there was a fan who collects autographs,” Kyle recounted. “And he asked me to sign some Halloween posters, and he had a Real Housewives picture that he wanted all the cast to sign, and Rinna had already signed it.”

“And Vanderpump put X’s through all our faces and mustaches and crossed us out and put a heart next to her name and signed it and ruined his photo.”

And once again, there was receipts:

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