Lil Nas X Says Controversial ‘Montero’ Music Video Was 100 Per Cent His Idea

The ‘Old Town Road’ hitmaker talks about his newly-premiered music video ‘Montero (Call Me by Your Name)’ and claims he came up with ‘everything in general.’

AceShowbizLil Nas X takes the credit for his controversial “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” music video.

The rapper, 21, launched the video last week (ends28Mar21), which is full of references to Greek Mythology and sees the hitmaker share a kiss with an alien and dance with the devil. In a new interview for the “Spout” podcast, the “Old Town Road” star, real name Montero Lamar Hill, explains his contribution to his music video concepts.

Asked if he gives input to the costumes he wears and he said, “Ohh, one hundred (per cent)! Especially with music videos, and you know, everything in general like, I have my amazing stylist Hodo.”

“We work together and we create these characters and we create these moments.”

Taking about his music videos and the concepts for them, Nas X added, “I write out the treatment for my music videos.”

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“Like, in this part let’s have this happen, let’s have this happen, this is the theme, and you know pretty much… which is a very fun thing to be a part of, the actual process itself.”

The music video sparked response from fellow artist FKA twigs. She reached out to the rapper to point out similarities between her work and his.

He was quick to address the matter, “I was not aware that the visual would serve as a major inspiration for those who worked on the effects of my video.”

But he was grateful to FKA twigs for letting him know about the issue, “I want to say thank u to twigs for calling me and informing me about the similarities between the two videos, as i was not aware they were so close. was only excited for the video to come out. i understand how hard you worked to bring this visual to life. you deserve so much more love and praise.”

She responded in kind, “Thank you @lilnasx for our gentle honest conversations and for acknowledging the inspiration cellophane gave you and your creative team in creating your iconic video!”

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