Lenny Dykstra offers sexual healing to ladies in coronavirus lockdown

Dr. Nails to the rescue.

Former Mets great Lenny Dykstra is doing his best Marvin Gaye impersonation via Twitter, offering sexual healing to women struggling with social distancing, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The loony ex-All-Star tweeted “@GwynethPaltrow, sorry to hear about the sexual-frustration-in-#coronavirus-isolation issues you and your husband are having. Here I offer a solution.”

The Goop founder recently admitted in a video session with an intimacy coach that there’s “definitely tension” in her household as she and hubby Brad Falchuk shelter in place with two teenage kids.

“I can help, Brad. That’s what I do, I’m a man of the people, OK, so … Nails never fails,” a bearded Dykstra, donning a black baseball cap, shades and pink shirt rambles in a salty 69-second video clip posted to his Twitter account Friday.

“Brad, you call me, OK. DM me. … We will go over some tools of the trade, some tricks of the trade. Some … How about some f–king reality. Getting them f–king off. That’s what I do, OK? It starts with hard work, bro, hard work.”

The ballplayer once known as “Nails” goes on to advise the couple to “f–k that intimacy coach.”

He says he recorded the video in “some f–king dungeon in some AirBnB.”

In another Twitter video, Dr. Nails dons a surgical mask, blue latex gloves. “No teeth!” he notes.

He says he knows the ladies are “getting stir crazy” and that they should DM him.

He boasts, “Nails will get you what you need to know or get you where you need to go!”

Asked how he’s holding up, Dykstra texted a Post reporter, “How’s Ron Darling doing these days!”

It was a year ago that Dykstra took a legal bat to his ex-teammate — filing a lawsuit that claims the pitching star lied in a book about Dykstra hurling racist taunts during the Amazin’s magical 1986 World Series win over the Boston Red Sox.

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