Lele Pons Literally Crashed Through a Glass Door Trying to Perfect a TikTok Dance

Everyone knows that now is as good a time as ever to hop on the TikTok craze. I mean…chances are you’re already spending countless hours on your phone anyway, so why not download another time-sucking app? Especially one that encourages you to get TF out of your bed/womancave to dance the sadness away? That’s exactly what singer and influencer Lele Pons got up to while social distancing recently.

On Instagram and Twitter, Lele posted a video of herself dancing to the song “Culo” by Jose De Las Heras and Ghetto Flow. And at first, her twerk skills were impressive. But after dipping it low, Lele accidentally lost her footing, went tumbling backwards, and smashed into a glass door. Lele’s filmmaker can be hear yelling “Oh sh*t!” after realizing this innocent TikTok dance went very wrong, very fast.

Still learning how to do these TikToks dances😩🥴💔 (wait for it) pic.twitter.com/eAbAsWtYHa

But before you get totally and understandably alarmed!!! Please know that Lele is 100 percent A-okay. Homegirl frequently films stunts that sometimes include injuries and posts them online. It’s also pretty clear that if hurling through that glass door seriously did hurt Lele, she probably wouldn’t be out here joking and making light about it on the internet. And if that’s still not enough to put you at ease for Lele’s safety, I am here to inform you that she posted to her Instagram Stories two hours ago. She’s fine!

That being said: Please do not try this at home, and stay safe (and socially distanced) while learning new dance moves!

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