Las Vegas a ‘UFO hotspot’ with USAF testing ‘secret tech’, ex-MoD worker claims

The Ministry of Defence’s (MoD) former UFO investigator has claimed Las Vegas is now a “hotspot” for paranormal sightings, with top-secret military technology often the cause.

Dozens of videos have emerged over recent months showing unusual objects in the skies above the bustling city in Nevada, US.

Earlier this month, multiple witnesses claimed to spot a huge “UFO” and there have previously been sightings of “triangular” craft and objects hurtling at speeds of “1,000mph”.

Following the sightings, Daily Star has spoken to former MoD employee Nick Pope about what he thinks they could be.

Between 1991 and 1994, Nick worked in Secretariat (Air Staff) Sec (AS) 2a which was more commonly known as the organiSation’s UFO desk.

Among his duties were investigating reports of UFO sightings to see if they posed any threat to national security.

“[Las Vegas] is a hotspot,” he told this site. “Clearly, with some of that, there is the suspicion that some of these sightings are secret prototype aircraft or drones and there will be things being test flown that the public won’t see for 10 or 20 years and sometimes those things are reported as UFOs.

“But again, you could argue it the other way around. If we are being visited, that is exactly the sort of technology that any extraterrestrial visitors would be most interested in.

“Even if 99 out of 100 sightings turn out to have conventional explanations – misidentifications, secret terrestrial technology – the believers only need to be right one single time and we will be in game-changing territory.”

Las Vegas is home to the Nellis Air Force Base and 84 miles north of the city lies the secretive Area 51 facility.

Sightings are often attributed to military aircraft flying from either base and, probed more on what this military craft could be, Nick said: “There are probably things being worked on that looked like they have just come from a sci-fi film.”

Nick spoke to Daily Star as part of TV channel BLAZE’s UFO week, which aired last week. UFO Week programmes will be available to watch again on or by downloading the free app. There will be new UFO content every week on the channel every Thursday from 8pm on UFO Thursdays

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