Landlord’s insane texts to Sydney couple after simple request

Trying to find a rental property in one of the most expensive cities in the world is stressful on the best of days, but add an uncooperative ex-landlord into the mix and things get even more difficult.

A young Sydney couple have shared a series of insane text messages sent by their previous landlord after asking for a reference to help with their future rental applications.

The text exchange was posted to Reddit by user -Skill-, who explained many rentals in Sydney require a reference as part of the application process.

“I have spent a year trying to get my previous Sydney landlord to give me and my partner a reference as many rental properties have this as a requirement,” the person wrote.

“He has refused time and time again despite us being great tenants. These are the text messages he just sent me. What are everyone’s thoughts?”

The messages starts with the renter questioning why the landlord hasn’t been supportive of their request for a reference.

“[I] am hoping you can send them through so we can have access to housing as a young couple with a small rental history,” the message read.

The landlord immediately fired up at the request, claiming the person had “zero concern” for him as a new business owner “working 16 hour days”.

“I barely have time to talk to be family, signing references for you and doing a ‘young couple with a small rental history’ any favours or tasks is so God damn low on my list of preferences,” he said.

“Lower your expectations of others and learn how to handle on your own. And for godsake, stop bothering me”.

The poster responded by pointing out it would have taken the landlord less time to sign and email the document then it took to wrote out a “very mean message”.

They also noted that had been “nothing but nice” in the past.

The renter also revealed that they had already written the reference, all the landlord had to do was read and sign the document.

Thankfully, it appears the landlord finally got around to signing the reference, with the renter thanking them for forwarding the email, noting it was “all I asked for”.

The landlord then tried to claim they had previously forwarded the emails, to which the renter claimed they had not received any emails before the one sent that day.

The conversation ended with the landlord making a bizarre statement about how the couple should “adjust” their expectations.

“Now I am trying to adjust your expectations of me. Which is nothing. If you expect nothing from me you will not be disappointed,” he wrote.

“Anyway, thanks for checking in.”

The renter then claimed a landlord reference was a very normal request to receive from previous tenants.

“We don’t expect anything else from you, that was it, a simple and normal request from a tenant to a landlord,” they wrote.

“So thank you and all the best.”

The Reddit post has gained more than 1200 upvotes and prompted almost 500 comments, the vast majority of which agree that the landlord was incredible unreasonable.

“If he can’t find time to provide a reference, he’s definitely not cut out to run a small business,” one person commented.

“People like that are the absolute worst,” another said.

One person pointed out: “It is bizarre how he is so indifferent to you yet he complains that you are indifferent to his business ventures”.

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