Lady Gaga and Dom Pérignon Celebrate the Queendom

Global superstar Lady Gaga and the LVMH-owned champagne brand Dom Pérignon have come together for a limited-edition collaboration. Tying in with Gaga’s Chromatica album launch (which has also seen partnerships with Oreo), the Dom Pérignon team-up comes as a means of shared artistic energy, born out of a celebration of creativity.

With this in mind, Gaga has put her name to a range of limited-edition collector’s bottles and an accompanying sculpture. This is captured in a Nick Knight-shot campaign, which sees the pop powerhouse pose with her bottle of rosé champagne against the backdrop of her “Queendom,” which as Knight says was his “desire to create a burst of positive fantasy — a beautiful world that exists only in people’s imaginations. Fantasy is such an important part of our lives; it makes us dream and fuels our creativity. And right now, the world needs celebration. I wanted to create something which would touch people across many different cultures, for its joie de vivre, its energy, its rush of fantasy and celebratory visions.”

As mentioned, there is also a special sculpture release marking the celebration of this collaboration. Designed by Lady Gaga for Dom Pérignon in collaboration with Nicola Formichetti (one of Gaga’s go-to collaborators who’s known as a creative and fashion director and editor as well as the creative consultant to Haus of Gaga, who in turn brought the characters of this campaign to life), the sculpture acts as a veil and houses a jeroboam of Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 2005.

The 110 exclusive pieces will be sold in private sales and showcased in flagship Dom Pérignon locations. All of Dom Pérignon’s profits from the sale will be given to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. More about the collaboration can be found on the Dom Pérignon website.

In other news, Post Malone has unveiled a new Maison No. 9 bottle and merch.

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