Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Invite Your Kids to Camp Hello Bello

Since the closure of schools began in March, the internet has been flooded with options for entertaining and educating our kids stuck at home with us. The thing is, it’s very hard to choose which videos and apps to use when, and switching back and forth between them all is exhausting. Which is why we’re so grateful that very good humans Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard decided to turn their year-old baby brand Hello Bello into a solution: Camp Hello Bello.

“It’s always been our pledge to be a part of your village in life’s messiest, stinkiest, most unmissable adventure of parenthood, and we are sticking to that pledge during this time,” Bell said in the first Instagram video for Camp Hello Bello.

Through the baby brand’s Instagram account and on the new site, parents can access a whole schedule of activities for their little ones all through April. These include live sing-alongs, kid workouts, craft lessons, cooking and more.

Bell kicked things off on Wednesday reading a book, The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse, by Charlie Mackesy. She also explained the camp “rules.”

“Rule number one: Do whatever the (beep) you need to do to stay sane. Examples: breathe, scream, laugh, cry, eat chocolate, read a book, eat vegetables, rip your book in two, poop, pee, etc.,” Bell said, adding that rules two through 10 were illegible because her daughter threw spaghetti at her. “As your camp counselors, we are here to help with rule number one, the necessary preservation of your sanity. Almost exactly one year ago today we created Hello Bello for one reason, because parenting alone is hard, and little did we know how hard it could get. Because parenting alone in quarantine is, um, well, it’s impossible.”

Friday looks like the real kickoff for the camp, as the day’s schedule includes a workout with a personal trainer, fort-building with an engineer, a crafting class, and something called “playworking.” If you can’t make it for their IG Live streams, they’re also available later on demand.

One thing we really love about Camp Hello Bello is the company’s pledge to pay its teachers for their service. The first sing-along session with Jes Hudak also included her Venmo name, so parents can send her tips, too. The camp is still in the process of hiring teachers for future classes, should you know any talented educators in need of work at the moment.

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