‘Koral’s Instagram Viral Leggings Are The Most Flattering Athleisure I Own’

I often get a lot of hate for saying this, but I’m not a leggings person, and I never have been. I don’t often reach for the tight or fitted clothes in my closet, whether it be a form-fitting top or skinny jeans unless I’m in a rare mood. Sure, I’ll wear leggings for a workout, but I’ll take them off as soon as physically possible to transition into a skirt or (not skinny) jeans.

I discovered the ultimate exception to that rule when I tried out Koral’s Lustrous High Rise Leggings ($75, Amazon) a few months ago. Before they arrived on my doorstep, I had seen them all over my Instagram feed. It seemed as though everyone from my favorite fitness influencers to yogis were posting selfies in the trendy tights.

My first reaction was how cool, fun, and unique they looked. My second reaction was wondering how the leather-esque, liquid finish could be comfortable to work out in. I could never have imagined myself doing an elliptical workout, let alone a downward dog, in them till I actually tried them on.

Here’s why I want one of these leggings in every color.

They’re super comfortable.

Koral’s signature, aptly-named “Infinity” fabric is by far the most stretchy fabric I’ve ever put on my body, which makes this perfect for everything from squats to child’s pose and everything in between.

I’m definitely more of a yoga person than a HIIT workout girl, so I love that I’ve finally found a pair of leggings that move comfortably as I flow in and out of poses without my having to fidget and pull up my leggings every time I get in to a warrior position.

I also love that these are high-waisted, and that the fabric is really breathable. I mentioned before that I was worried about comfort being an issue, but that wasn’t at all the case. In fact, I’ll occasionally keep these on all day after my workout and they easily take me through a day of work to a grocery trip run, and (eventually, one day) dinner with friends.

They’re the most versatile piece in my wardrobe.

Minimalism might be trendy right now, but for the shoe box-sized closet in my small, studio apartment in Manhattan, it’s actually an essential. For that reason, I’ve minimized trend pieces and love a pair of clothing that can be dressed up or down.

That doesn’t often happen with workout clothes, but like a lot of Koral’s clothes, these fashion-forward leggings are really easy to style in many ways. I’ll pair them with a simple tank or sports bra for a workout, a t-shirt and denim jacket for errands, and when social events are a thing again, I can see myself topping them off with a pair of heels and oversized button-down shirt.

They’re available in a variety of colors and rises.

I’m about five foot six and a size 6 to 8 in bottoms, so the medium size high rise is perfect for me, especially because I like more coverage when I’m wearing a sports bra.

But, if you’re built more petite, I highly recommend their mid-rise fit. They even offer a maternity fit for moms-to-be, too. Though the high rise offers the widest range of colors, each offers a variety of shades and patterns from bubblegum pink to grey (next on my list!), gold, and maroon. With the amount of athleisure we’re wearing nowadays, I’ve convinced myself I should probably have at least one pair for each day of the week.

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