Kodak has brought out the world’s largest puzzle

Running out of things to do in lockdown? Fear not.

Kodak has just launched the world’s largest puzzle, bound to offer hours (if not days) of entertainment.

The new puzzle has a staggering 51,300 pieces and takes up 16.47 sq metres, once completed.

What’s more, the pieces weigh 18.5kg in total.

The puzzle represents 27 different ‘wonders of the world’, including the the Statue of Liberty in New York, London’s Tower Bridge and Machu Picchu in Peru.

Impressively, every ‘wonder of the world’ is an individual 1,900-piece puzzle on its own – coming in at 39in x 24in.

After each one is put together, they can then be placed to form the super-puzzle.

Kodak said: ‘Each photo was initially taken by a professional photographer, then digitally enhanced and printed in high quality.’

Naturally, a puzzle of such stature is likely to have a hefty price tag, but we think it’s fair to say that none of us expected it to retail at an eye-watering £400.

Getting hold of the puzzle could be an issue, too, as it is currently unavailable at UK stockists.

However, US-based company Puzzle Warehouse ships internationally.

‘These are the brightest, richest, most colourful puzzles yet from Kodak, known for the highest quality imagery and brilliant photography,’ Puzzle Warehouse said.

‘Each of the 27 individual puzzles are bagged separately. Box includes a large reference poster, information about each location and helpful instructions and tips.

‘Perfect for a group/family project or the ultimate gift for the wanderlust traveller in your life.’

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