Khalid And Summer Walker Take An Exhilarating Nighttime Drive In 'Eleven' Video

Right at 11:11 a.m. PST, Khalid and Summer Walker fittingly dropped their new video for “Eleven” — and because it’s a song that involves late-night cruising and the nocturnal feelings that accompany such an activity, the action here is mainly centered around a car. Four cars, in fact.

Khalid and Walker each get their own ride, stylishly colorful, paired with two others who race through the Los Angeles streets with them. It’s fitting for the tune, one that pairs Khalid’s gravelly voice alongside Walker’s smooth croon as the pair get high on the very act of being around the respective objects of their affections.

The video matches the song’s subterranean vibe and still amps up the comic-book camp in a way that feels like Batman Forever — you know, the neon-soaked scenes where Chris O’Donnell’s pre-Robin Dick Grayson takes the Batmobile for a little joy ride. Here, Khalid is definitely as moody as Batman, though I don’t think the Dark Knight ever smoked a blunt quite as large. The clip takes a lot of inspiration from the Fast & Furious franchise as well.

By the video’s end, Khalid and Walker are locked in a heated race, exchanging glances and ramping up the tension. As directed by Daniel Russell, it must have been a whole hell lot of fun to film.

Khalid dropped “Know Your Worth” with Disclosure and “Up All Night” earlier this year. Walker, meanwhile, has worked with Usher, 21 Savage, and Justin Bieber in the past few months. They’ve been busy.

Luckily they also made time to screech around in colorful whips, for our enjoyment. Check out the candy-colored new “Eleven” video above.

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