Kenny Rogers earnings: How much did Country legend Kenny Rogers earn?

Kenny Rogers: Country music singer dies aged 81

Kenny Rogers was considered to be one of the kings of country music, with his dulcet tones lighting up the stage. His song Islands in the Stream with Dolly Parton became a worldwide sensation, as well as his signature song The Gambler. But how much did Kenny Rogers earn from his life singing country songs?

At the time of his death, Kenny Rogers was reported to have a net worth of approximately $250million (£182.3million.)

This pretty impressive sum came from the wide range of work he did, from TV acting to car racing.

Arguably Kenny’s most famous song was The Gambler, which helped him earn a great deal over the years through different methods.

Kenny was only just starting out as a solo artist at the time of the song’s release, having split from his band The First Edition in 1976.

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He had released other solo albums but named his fifth album The Gambler, and it was far more successful than his previous work.

Kenny’s version, which competed with Johnny Cash’s version released at the same time, became incredibly popular and famous and spawned far more work for him.

Kenny’s version won Song of the Year at the Grammys and saw him win Best Male Country Vocal Performance for his work on the song.

The track also became Kenny’s signature song and later Kenny personified the gambler in a series of made-for-TV movies.

In these he played Brady Hawkes, who was his version of The Gambler.

The films were Kenny Rogers as The Gambler; Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues; Kenny Rogers as The Gambler, Part III: The Legend Continues; The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw; Gambler V: Playing for Keeps.

These films were released from 1980 to 1994 and were hugely successful for Kenny, who also continued to release music.

He sang the song as part of a GEICO advert in 2014, and also made other TV movies based on other musical works of his, such as Christmas in America and Coward of the County.

Kenny is most famous for one particular venture outside his country music, Kenny Rogers’ Roasters, a joint restaurant business with former KFC CEO John Brown.

While this chain of chicken restaurants was successful for a time, it is now mainly open in Malaysia, Bangladesh and other south Asian countries.

As for Kenny’s music, he was not much of a songwriter and so most of his songs were written by others, meaning he does not own the publishing rights.

However, he does own the recording rights, meaning those who inherit from him would earn money when his songs are played.

Given the popularity of The Gambler and its use at anything from football stadiums to adverts, it is likely this song will continue to earn for those he has left his money to.

Kenny was also a big fan of touring and toured more than many other country artists, which helped him to earn the big bucks of $250million (£182.3million) by the time of his death.

Kenny died on March 20, 2020, surrounded by family while under hospice care.

He left behind his wife, Wanda, and five children.

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