Katie Price refused face lift as worried doctor insists her skin was too tight

Katie Price has been under the knife again for some huge surgical procedures in Turkey, but she revealed that she actually wanted even more work done.

Her surgeon refused her requests for a full facelift, in a new video Katie shared from her experience of surgery.

The star underwent many different procedures despite the refusal, having full body liposuction including under her chin, eye and lip lifts, and fat injected into her bum.

The 43-year-old documented her surgery on camera for her YouTube channel, and it makes for grisly viewing.

Katie has never been shy, and shared her experiences truthfully, even the bits she was disappointed with.

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She filmed the consultation with her surgeon beforehand.

He insistently told her that she doesn't have excess skin in need of lifting, and the "only thing" he can do for her forehead is Botox.

Katie pulled at her skin and asked: "So you can't lift like this?"

He replies: "It's not good for your face, your skin is too tight."

The mum-of-five pretends to cry, adding: "So here's me thinking I'm going to have a facelift here and here, but he doesn't recommend it and he's the surgeon.

"I could sit here now and say: 'No, I want it like that' but then he wouldn't be a good surgeon – because there are surgeons out there who will say: 'Yeah, I'll do it.'"

She told the surgeon: "I thought that's what I'll be doing but because you said no I'm listening to you as you're the expert."

Viewers then see Katie being wheeled into the operating theatre after being put to sleep for the surgery.

Machines can be heard beeping, and the doctor is shown holding a scalpel before the video cuts off.

She teases that it's "to be continued".

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