Kate Middleton’s ’stern but fair’ parenting is a ‘new era’ approach to motherhood

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Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, also 38, first became parents in 2013 when Prince George was born. Princess Charlotte was born two years after and Prince Louis three years after that in 2018. The family are often seen in public and at royal engagements and one parenting expert has given an insight into how they parent their children. 

The Cambridge’s have followed many traditional royal parenting techniques since the children were born.

However, they also have introduced their own modern techniques into their approach to parenting swell.

To help the royal children prepare for their roles within the Royal Family, relationship and parenting expert, Martina Mercer has shared how Kate’s parenting is “refreshing”.

She said: “Kate Middleton has a unique parenting style that blends tradition with modern parenting techniques while adding a touch of professionalism with an impenetrable shield in the public eye.”

While Kate has spoken openly about her parenting struggles in the past, George, Charlotte and Louis are kept out of the public eye as much as possible. 

The Duchess also seems to have broken many traditional royal parenting techniques.

For example, showing affection to children in public is very unusual but Kate and William are often seen cuddling or holding the royal children’s hands in public.

The expert said: “Previously, Royal Family members would view any display of emotion as a weakness, yet Kate displays this as a strength.

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“It’s obvious, through her interactions, that she’s worked hard to understand her children’s wants and needs, and she gives the impression that behind closed doors she is very hands on and takes the role of mother seriously.”

Martina explains how this has Kate to a more hands-on parenting approach.

She explained: “She follows the traditions of the Royal Family, while also introducing a hands-on approach with her parenting that has rarely been seen before.

“Yet she doesn’t take this too far, she displays just enough humanity and maternal love in the public eye in order for us to relate, while still ensuring the children project the image that’s expected of them, flawless, composed and well behaved. 

“Kate seems, to us, as stern but fair, as if she wouldn’t tolerate tantrums or whining, when in front of the paparazzi, she and the children have a job to do, and she executes this seamlessly and seemingly without much effort which begs the question of, how much training, discipline, motivation and incentives are required behind the scenes and in the lead up to these public appearances?”

The Duchess’ style of parenting is a first for the Royal Family and Martina says this has brought royal parenting into a new era.

Martina added: “Kate has brought the family into a new era with her parenting as she’s displayed love and affection in public, cuddling the children, laughing with them, rather than pitching them as stoic accessories and ornaments as heir to a kingdom. 

“She obviously has a loving bond with her children, and with every appearance that love shines through.”

Kate will often be seen laughing and giggling with the royal children when attending events. 

The expert went on: “She treats her children as equals, as individuals of importance to her and William, and is keen to ensure they feel as though their voices are heard while letting them know they are so very loved.”

Treating the children as equals will help them in their later life as well as to become more confident at a young age. 

The parenting expert explains that Kate is “unashamed of the love she displays, which is refreshing.”

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