Kate Middleton’s body language shows she is already preparing children for key royal roles

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are both senior members of the Royal Family. Their children could have key royal roles as they grow older.

Kate and Prince William are the parents of Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

When he was born, Prince George became third in line to the British throne.

Princess Charlotte is fourth in line and Prince Louis is fifth in the line of succession.

Their royal titles mean the children are sure to have key positions in the Royal Family as they grow older.

While the young royals often stay out of the public eye, they are seen out with their parents on occasion.

Social outings have been kept to a minimum this year as coronavirus restrictions continue to change.

However, the young royals have joined their parents at events in past years, like at Trooping the Colour in 2019.

Kate’s body language with her children could show she is preparing them for future royal roles, body language Judi James suggested.

“The way Charlotte and Louis were both waving avidly suggests Kate is quietly training them for their royal role and making it fun at the same time,” she told Express.co.uk.

“They didn’t seem to need any urging or encouragement from Kate once they were out on the balcony and Louis in particular looked happy to keep everyone amused by waving non-stop.”

The Duchess appeared to show the young royals how they should behave while also making sure they were enjoying themselves.

The expert said both Kate and Prince William seemed calm when out with their children.

She continued: “Kate’s behaviour on the balcony with William, where he took Louis from her with the kind of ease and synchronicity his own father never really achieved with his sons, suggested shared parenting rituals.

“There is also a lack of the kind of signals of suppressed anxiety you can get from parents whose kids tend to be naughty in public.”

Kate has spoken in the past about her experiences with parenting.

When with her children, Judi claimed she looked genuinely happy to be in their company.

She explained the royal looked relaxed with the young royals despite being in a very public setting.

The expert said: “Since Louis was born her ‘perfect’ smile has changed to suggest genuine delight with her three children,” the expert added.

“It’s now often a more relaxed-looking smile that borders on a laugh, with her mouth held open and cheek dimpling on display.

“She looks relaxed about her two other children as well, as though needing to worry less as they grow older, and she looks enchanted by the very confident and happy-looking Louis.”

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