Judge Denies WME Request for Injunction in WGA Representation Lawsuit

A federal judge has denied WME’s bid to resume representing writers while its lawsuit against the Writers Guild of America plays out in court.

Judge Andre Birotte of California’s Central District ruled Wednesday that he did not have the authority to issue the preliminary injunction sought by WME because the guild’s actions in this case are governed by other federal labor laws. Moreover, there has been a lack of “unlawful acts” to warrant such a move, Birotte wrote.

“Defendants’ group boycott against Plaintiff has not involved unlawful acts or substantial and irreparable injury to property,” Birotte wrote. “The Court is persuaded by other courts which have found that “unlawful acts” as is required by section 7 is limited to acts of ‘violence, intimidation, threats, vandalism, breaches of the peace and criminal acts.’ ”

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