Jonah Hill unrecognisable with neon pink hair after jaw-dropping transformation

Stepping onto the golf course with his new electric pink pair, it was hard to recognise the familiar face of Jonah Hill.

A fan account for the star shared a video of the actor playing golf on Instagram after he got rid of his beard and dyed his hair a bold new colour.

Jonah looked completely different in his last public appearance – the award-winning Moneyball actor posted a selfie just last week with a large beard and blond hair.

Jonafits, the Instagram fan account dedicated to his outfits, shared the video of the star on the courses as he danced to Ain’t Got No Home by Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry.

While Jonah may be more familiar as a 'beard and shorts' kind of guy, this isn’t the first time he has experimented with his look.

The bleached blond hair he was sporting before the change to electric pink surprised fans a couple of months ago when the look was first revealed.

Back in 2018 he even had dyed his hair pink, sharing it to Instagram with the caption: “Omg you guys!”

It’s safe to say his 11.5million follows aren’t unfamiliar with his tendency towards extreme visual changes, especially in the hair department.

While Jonah seemed to be loving life with his new hairstyle, it may be short-lived.

On Monday, he had confirmed he would be producing and starring in a limited series based on the 1998 book The Last Mogul by Dennis McDougal.

Jonah is set to play the role of Sidney Korshak in the series, a Chicago fixer.

With the character of Sidney being a serious character from the 1940s, that’s associated with the Mafia, he's likely to ditch his pink hairdo as he steps into the role.

Sidney Korshak was an attorney from Beverly Hills that partnered with Chigaco mobsters, leading the FBI to consider him ‘the most powerful lawyer in the world’.

Jonah confirmed his part in the series by posting a photo of an article about the project and his role on his Instagram page.

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