John Lennon and David Bowie: Did Beatles star have a ‘fling’ with David Bowie?

John Lennon had one great love in his life: music, part of which was created with his friends in The Beatles. However, in his private life, he also had two marriages, one of which lasted until his death in 1970. It turns out, however, he may have been interested in someone else: David Bowie.

According to a new book from music writer Lesley-Ann Jones, John Lennon and David Bowie were much more than friends at one point.

In fact, it turns out the pair had a short ‘fling’ while John went through his lost weekend.

The Lost Weekend is known by fans as a period during which he and his wife, Yoko Ono, had separated, and he became involved with May Pang, a young assistant.

During this time many things occurred, including John’s increased use of LSD, his reconciliation with Sir Paul McCartney, and reportedly a ‘fling’ with David.

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In her new book, Lesley-Ann describes a lunch she had with David in the 1990s, during which he admitted to this having taken place.

He said: “There was a whore in the middle, and it wasn’t either of us.

“At some point in proceedings, she left. I think it was a she. Not that we minded.”

According to Lesley-Ann, May was herself unsure of her own arrangements with John, and told her she “simply couldn’t say no to him… No one could.”

David and John continued to be great friends, and on tour in 1983 David performed Imagine, before which he spoke of his friendship with the Beatles star.

He said: “I asked John one day, ‘How do you write your songs?’

“He said, ‘It’s easy, you just say what you mean, you put a backbeat to it.’.

“I said, ‘What do you think of my kind of rock ‘n’ roll?’ and he said, ‘It’s great but it’s just rock ‘n’ roll with lipstick on.’”

David went on to talk about their last time together in Hong Kong, where John put on a Beatles jacket for David to take a photograph.

The singer admitted he still had the photo, but thought John had ‘outgrown’ the Beatles jacket, possibly making a remark at how John’s music developed from his time in the band.

After telling this story at the gig, which was on December 8, 1983, three years after John’s death, David sang Imagine in tribute to the late singer.

Despite their supposed ‘fling,’ Yoko was also close to David, and once referred to him as ‘family’ in an interview.

She shared on Twitter after David died in January 2016: “John and David respected each other. They were well matched in intellect and talent.

“As John and I had very few friends, we felt David was as close as family.

“After John died, David was always there for Sean and me. When Sean was at boarding school in Switzerland, David would pick him up and take him on trips to museums and let Sean hang out at his recording studio in Geneva.

“For Sean, this is losing another father figure. It will be hard for him, I know. But we have some sweet memories which will stay with us forever.”

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