Jodie Turner-Smith treats postpartum acne with breast milk

Jodie Turner-Smith is sharing her beauty hacks as a new mom.

The “Queen & Slim” actress, who welcomed a baby girl with husband Joshua Jackson in April, posted a makeup-free selfie on Instagram Sunday, revealing that she’s found a genius way to treat her postpartum acne.

“I’ve been getting so many spots lately (hormones?),” the 33-year-old British beauty wrote. “But I put breast milk on them last night and today my skin looks much better.”

Though the idea may seem unusual, human breast milk contains lauric acid, which is a common skincare ingredient thanks to its natural antibacterial qualities.

According to Parents magazine, there are even spas that offer breast milk facials.

Turner-Smith, who recently called herself a “milk factory,” should be well stocked for the time being.

“Obviously, it’s a bit stressful right now and we’re just trying to figure out how to be smart about being quarantined,” first-time father Jackson, 41, told “Good Morning America” in March.

“The medical system right now is a little bit difficult, so we’re figuring it out day by day.”

Looks like the entire family is learning to be resourceful.

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