Jingle All the Way to the Holidays With Netflix's Crazy-Good Christmas Movie Selection

The Princess Switch: Switched Again

One thing we love about Netflix is having the ability to stream whenever, wherever, and yes, we are specifically talking about the Christmas and holiday titles. In case you haven’t seen, the popular streaming service has Christmas movies available all year long for anyone who’s looking for comforting holiday magic, no matter when that might be. With big titles like The Grinch, This Christmas, and Netflix originals like The Princess Switch, you’ll be able to watch everything from family favorites to true Christmas classics.

If you’re ready to get in the holiday spirit right here, right now, stream one of these Netflix movies for your dose of Christmas cheer at absolutely any time. Complete with all-new titles that aren’t even released yet, these flicks will keep you excited for the holidays every month of the year. Happy holidays is right!

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