Jerry Seinfeld Recalls Cringey Moment With Michael Jordan In Locker Room

In the heyday of “Seinfeld,” Jerry Seinfeld rarely played second fiddle to anyone in the celebrity world.

But during an awkward moment in the Chicago Bulls locker room shown in the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance,” the sitcom giant was apparently cut down to size by Coach Phil Jackson.

Seinfeld told Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday that he’d heard about the clip but hadn’t seen it. So the late show host gladly played it for him.

During the Bulls’ final championship run in the 1997-98 season, the video shows Seinfeld and Bulls icon Michael Jordan warmly greeting each other in the locker room. But when Seinfeld says, “Hi, Phil,” to an off-screen Jackson, it sounds like Jackson effectively dismisses the comedian and Seinfeld is left awkwardly turning his head.

“[He’s] kicking you out,” a laughing Jordan says.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Seinfeld wasn’t too fazed by the moment, describing the locker room as “not a place I’d normally be.”

Seinfeld, who has a new comedy special on Netflix called “23 Hours to Kill,” quickly segued to a more substantive exchange he once had with Jackson. He recalled that at the time both his sitcom and Jackson were in their final seasons (Jackson as coach of the Bulls). “I remember teasing him about who do you think is gonna end bigger? Him or me?” Seinfeld said.

Fast forward to 1:50 or watch the entire interview above.

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