Jason Statham Confronts Post Malone in New 'Wrath of Man' Red Band Trailer

Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham‘s latest project Wrath of Man has just debuted its first red band trailer, offering action fans a closer look at the main character H’s mysterious backstory.

Kicking off by revealing the murder of H’s son, the trailer shows Statham rushing to the scene, ultimately getting shot and failing to save his own child. Filled with vengeance, Statham decides to go undercover as an armored truck driver, hoping to find the people responsible for the murder. As he gets closer to his target, Statham shows off his deadly marksmanship skills, surprising many of his colleagues who struggle with his mysterious identity. Post Malone also gets a cameo in the trailer, although it appears that his character doesn’t live very long to reappear later in the film.

For fans of Statham or Ritchie, Wrath of Man will hit theaters May 7.

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