Jamie Laing accused of breaking Tier 4 Covid rules by visiting mum in Cotswolds

Strictly Come Dancing star Jamie Laing has been accused of breaking London's Tier 4 coronavirus rules.

Tier 4 rules, which came into force on December 20, ban household mixing and travel outside of the area.

The reality TV star, 32, allegedly left London on December 22 to spend Christmas in the Cotswolds at his mum Penny Baines' farm, according to reports.

Jamie shared a video of himself on Instagram on Christmas Day, which has since been deleted, mixing a cocktail in a kitchen with wooden beams with silver spotlights attached to them, It is alleged by MailOnline.

His sister Emily Laing posted a snap moments later showing her looking out a window of the home with what appeared to be identical beams with lights seen above it.

The publication alleges Jamie left his London home in December to visit Cirencester, and returned to London on Sunday, December 27, when he shared a snap of himself and his girlfriend Sophie Habboo.

A representative for Jamie refused to comment about the allegations when contacted by Daily Star Online.

The allegations come just days after the star declared he would no longer be going to his family's Cotswolds estate for Christmas on BBC Breakfast.

He said: "I'm stuck like everyone else. I was planning on going to my mum's and I was gonna spend Christmas with the family, but I don't think that's going to happen now, unfortunately.

"But it's happening for a lot of people. It's just one of those years. We've been topped off with this Tier 4 situation and we have to just kind of go with it, I suppose.

"It's really upsetting. Everyone wants to see their families. It's Christmas time. It's a time to be together."

Jamie finished as a runner-up in Strictly during the final on December 19.

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