Jack Atlantic, anyone?

If you’re a new parent-to-be who loves the ocean, longs for a riverside campsite (remember when we could do that? camping??), or feels like you were probably a dolphin in a previous life, you’re in luck when it comes to baby-name picks. While you could certainly name your kid after your favorite part of the California coast, or give them a nature name that’s not entirely, um, water-based, you know you’ll probably be happiest with a beachy name that calls to mind the world’s waters and the fine folks (fish and sexy lifeguards alike) who love them, just like you do.

We’ve rounded up a bevy of beachy names for boys that surfer kids and river rats (of any species) will be proud to call theirs.

Names that mean “water”

Wishful water-dwellers will love the baby names below, which all mean “water,” “ocean,” “stream,” “river” or something else that evokes aquatic adventures.

  • Avon: River
  • Beckham: Home by the stream
  • Bourne: Stream
  • Brooks: Water, small stream
  • Calder: Stream
  • Colwyn: River in Wales
  • Conway: Holy river
  • Destin: By the still waters
  • Douglas: Black river
  • Dover: Water
  • Earvin: Green, fresh water
  • Escott: Hut near the river
  • Ford: River crossing
  • Hali: The sea
  • Harford: Ford of the hares
  • Havelock: Sea competition
  • Holmes: Islands in the river
  • Hudson: River in New York
  • Hurley: Sea tide
  • Irving: Fresh water
  • Kai: The sea
  • Kenn: Bright water
  • Lachlan: From the land of lakes
  • Lake: Inland body of water
  • Leomaris: Lion of the sea
  • Lincoln: Lake colony
  • Locke: Pond
  • Marino: Of the sea
  • Mario: Star of the sea
  • Marvin: Sea friend
  • Morgan: Circling sea
  • Mortimer: Dead sea
  • Murdock: Protector of the sea
  • Murphy: Sea warrior
  • Neptune: Roman god of the sea
  • Orman: Sea man
  • River: Place and nature name
  • Seton: Sea settlement
  • Strom: Brook, stream
  • Tahoe: Big water
  • Trent: Gushing waters
  • Wiley: Well-watered meadow

Beachy names we love

  • Cannon (Cannon Beach, Oregon)
  • Dillon (Dillon Beach, California)
  • Huntington (Huntington Beach, California)
  • Monty (Monterey Bay)
  • Vashon (Vashon Island, Washington)
  • Zuma (Zuma Beach, California)

Surfer baby names

If you’re hoping to score a name that sounds like someone who scales the waves all day, guess what: We’ve gathered some of the coolest real-life surfer names for you.

  • Andy Irons: Hawaiian surfer
  • Barton Lynch: Aussie surfer
  • Butch Van Artsdalen: U.S. surfer
  • Clay Marzo: Hawaiian surfer
  • Damien Hobgood: U.S. surfer
  • Duke Paoa Kahanamoku: Hawaiian surfer
  • Mick Fanning: Aussie surfer
  • Mickey Munoz: U.S. surfer and surfboard shaper
  • Shane Beschen: U.S. surfer
  • Simon Anderson: Aussie surfer
  • Sunny Garcia: Hawaiian surfer
  • Taj Burrow: Aussie surfer

Fictional aquatic names

Real life doesn’t always have the answers, so we turned to literature and film to hunt down fictional lifeguard, surfer, ship-folks and fish names for your baby.

  • Bodhi: From Point Break
  • Brady: From Teen Beach Movie
  • Brody: Chief Martin Brody from Jaws
  • Cody: From Baywatch
  • Frankie: From Beach Party
  • Hobie: From Baywatch
  • Jack: From Big Wednesday
  • Jesse: From Free Willy
  • Lockie: From Lockie Leonard, Human Torpedo
  • Logan: From Baywatch
  • Luke: From The Reef
  • Murph: From The Perfect Storm
  • Nathaniel: From Point Break
  • Sebastian: From The Little Mermaid

Another fun option is to name your baby after a favorite beach, surfing spot or body of water. If you’re worried the watery name is a little too weird, consider using it as a middle name so your child can choose what he wants to be called as he gets older. Jack Atlantic, anyone?

A version of this article was originally published in April 2011.

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