Instagram rolls out redesigned Shop feature with e-commerce interface

Instagram rolls out redesigned Shop feature with product suggestions and new e-commerce-style interface

  • The new Shop feature will have a completely revamped interface
  • It will include product suggestions and new categories
  • Instagram will also soon create a separate tab for Shop
  • Users will soon be able to use Facebook Pay to buy products in the app 

Instagram is rolling out a revamped shopping tab in the US.

The redesigned Shop section will add several new features including personalized product recommendations and the ability to preview exclusive launches.

According to the platform, the revamp will begin rolling out in the US this week and will expand to users everywhere in the weeks ahead.

Instagram is rolling out a new Shop feature in its app with a completely redesigned interface and new product suggestion tools (stock)

What makes the new Shop feature notable is not just the new tools, but how extensive the design changes are.

Previously, Instagram’s Shop tab, which is accessible via a button at the top of the Explore tab, was a simple grid of advertisements laid out in a similar fashion to how regular content is displayed via Explore.

With the revamp, however, users will be able to shop in a manner similar to what you can expect on other e-commerce platforms.

Products will be broken down into categories like ‘collections’ which aggregate similar items together or ‘Brands’ which allows users to browse by specific retailers.

A new ‘Suggestions for you’ section will also employ Instagram’s data-driven targeting to recommend products that users may be interested in.

Also apparent in the new design is Instagram’s commitment to making the Shop feature a more prominent part of its platform.

Instagram said that it will add a new Shop tab later this year so users don’t have to navigate to the feature via Explore and will instead be able to launch it with just one tap.

The platform will also integrate Facebook Pay so that users can shop and buy items using the feature all in one fell swoop.

According to Instagram, Facebook pay will be introduced in the coming weeks for users in the US. 

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