Inside Gabby Allen’s gorgeous new London flat as she addresses Brandon Myers dating rumours

Some people have a knack for making you feel good and Gabby Allen’s one of them. The Love Island and Celebrity Big Brother star has been spreading positivity with her daily live workouts, and, as we chat over the phone, her warm energy really is infectious.

Right now, she’s in a really good place, both emotionally and quite literally, having picked up the keys to her gorgeous new south London home. With lockdown restrictions now eased to allow house moves, Gabby is finally settled in the two-bedroom flat with her mum Paula, who she spent the previous few weeks with.

Paula is an interior designer and has added a few finishing touches to the flat, painting the front door a fetching shade of fuchsia.

The pair are also isolating with their “cute but annoying” Cavapoo puppy Bruce.

Personal trainer Gabby, 28, ended her year-long romance with X Factor winner Myles Stephenson last August, after he was caught exchanging flirty text messages with other women. When we speak, Gabby clears up recent reports that she’s dating model and former Ex On The Beach star Brandon Myers.

“That’s not true,” she tells OK!. “He’s the loveliest person and a really good friend of mine, but that’s all it is. Being single right now is a really positive thing for me.”

Gabby has just launched her Lockdown Shape Up plan and is hoping to start her own fitness retreats later this year. Here, while sharing photos of her new home, she opens up about dealing with bouts of anxiety, having imposter syndrome and the next Love Island baby…

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It’s good to see you looking so happy and confident, Gabby…

I’m definitely the happiest I’ve been in a long time. I think I sometimes have a bit of imposter syndrome. When I bought the flat, I was like, “Wow, is this really mine?” It’s a bittersweet feeling because of everything that’s going on in the world right now, but I’m trying to be proud of myself. I’ve had such a roller coaster since my dad died [Gabby lost her father Mike in 2013 to a brain tumour]. I threw myself into work, then Love Island and Big Brother. It’s been up and down but now I feel like I’m on an up again. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want in every aspect of my life.

Have you taken any positives from being in lockdown?

It’s been eye-opening for me. I’ve always been a hard worker and before Love Island I was working four jobs. After Love Island, I was really busy, too, but I had no structure. So having this time to develop a routine is opening my eyes to the fact that I need one. Also, it’s taught me and my mum how to get along! We’re very similar so we normally clash, but during lockdown we’ve only had one proper argument.

How has your mental health been during this strange time?

I’ve had anxiety this week because I feel totally overloaded with everything I’m doing. My anxiety is usually work-related. I have a creative mind and I want to do everything all at once, but I’m not very good at time management. I don’t sleep very well either because my mind is in overdrive all the time.

There were reports that you’re dating model Brandon Myers. Are you?

No. We’ve known each other for a long time. He’s the loveliest person and a really good friend of mine, but that’s all it is. Someone must have seen him comment on a picture on my social media, and automatically assumed he’s my boyfriend!

Are you open to romance right now?

Someone would really have to add to what I’ve already got. Maybe I’m just going to be an old spinster because I’m like, “I’m great – you’re not coming into my life unless you’re even greater!” Obviously I want to get married and have babies but I’m not in any rush. I’m just very happy on my own right now. I’ve been so unhappy during other times in the past so I’m really enjoying myself now. And that’s just down to me. I find that I’m all or nothing. I have a tendency of falling in love and letting that rule my life and I’m going to be very conscious of not doing that again. Being single right now is a really beneficial and positive thing for me, and that’s what I’m focusing on.

You look amazingly fit right now. How many times a week do you work out?

I do live Instagram workouts every day, but I’m talking during them, so sometimes I won’t do as many reps as I would normally. I’m a trainer on the Fiit app, so I train myself via that at least four times a week, too. I’ve ordered heavier weights because I’ve upped my training in lockdown. Yesterday I did a lower body workout and I couldn’t get out of bed that night when I needed a wee because my butt was on fire! Exercise doesn’t have to be high intensity though – a walk is great, too.

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Can you believe your fellow Love Islanders Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt are having a baby?

It’s lovely and I’m so excited. Cam’s going to be an amazing mum. I was really close to Cam in Love Island. She has a really special place in my heart because it was such an important time in our lives. People slag off Love Island but some real relationships are made from it.

Have you experienced downsides to being in the spotlight?

There are so many positives. I wouldn’t be sat on my own front porch right now if I hadn’t done Love Island. I was given a platform and then I worked my a** off to gain more from that. But there are negative aspects, too. Everybody feels like they have a right to an opinion on everything you do. I get trolled. People say sh***y things that make you question yourself. But for every negative comment there are 50 amazing ones. In this industry, you have to grow a thick skin.

How do you feel now you’ve finally moved into your new flat?

So happy. It was all very weird. The day my offer got accepted was the anniversary of my dad passing away. The day that I exchanged, 1 April, was his birthday.

When did you move in?

When the lockdown rules eased off. It was the weirdest thing, moving things into a house while social distancing. I had to go back to my mum’s for another two weeks. We were trying to abide by the rules completely, but now we’re both at mine.

Have you done much work to the flat?

Nothing apart from painting and decorating. I’ve nearly killed Mum with the amount of work she’s done! I’d still be on a mattress on the floor if she hadn’t been with me. She’s done an amazing job.

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