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PARENTS have been urged to buy just one £2 ingredient that could make their kids perform better this exam season.

Science has proven an unhealthy diet can lead to difficulty focusing and poor concentration.

Yet a recent poll, conducted by nutritionists and commissioned by Love Fresh Berries, revealed 72 per cent of teens went into GCSEs or A-Levels without a proper breakfast.

Research also found berries can help improve brain function, memory, energy, accuracy and response times – much needed while taking several exams each day.

Dr Emma Derbyshire, Public Health Nutritionist and advisor to Love Fresh Berries said: “Given the staggering number of teens loading up on junk food before GCSEs and A-Levels this exam season, it seems that the brain boosting impact of berries has become a secret exam tool that our teens need reminding about – it’s a small dietary change that may seem small, but could make all the difference.  

“It is terrifying how many teens are either skipping or not eating a proper breakfast.

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"During exam season the value of eating well cannot be underestimated. 

"Science shows that eating the right foods and being adequately hydrated can ‘fuel’ your brain, with fresh berries proven to be especially beneficial.”

The survey found most teens who enjoy fruit with their breakfast will opt for strawberries, followed by bananas (33 percent) and blueberries (31 percent).

The nutritionist highlighted berries contain polyphenols when are excellent for maintaining blood sugar levels.

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Dr Derbyshire recommended introducing some form of berry into an afternoon snack as most people need a boost at around 3pm.

Whereas junk food offers a quick hit sugar rush that suddenly dips, along with focus and concentration.

But kids are still battling sweetie cravings as the poll revealed almost a quarter of parents found a hidden sugar stash in their kid’s bedroom.

And 83 percent frequently uncover crisps, sweets and take-away wrappers stashed away under their teen’s bed.

According to parents in the survey, 40 percent of kids hardly ever manage to consume their five-a-day.

This has led to a whopping 76 percent trying to serve up healthy family meals.

And a third, encourage their teens to cook and teach them about preparing a hearty dish.

Many have reduced the amount of stock in their junk cupboard too, while others have resorted to hiding it.

This comes as a brain expert shared their three ways to maintain 'peak' health.

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The survey revealed:

  1. Strawberries – 58 per cent
  2. Apples – 32 per cent
  3. Bananas – 29 per cent
  4. Blueberries – 23 percent
  5. Pineapple – 21 percent
  6. Raspberries – 21 percent

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