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STARTING a proper skincare routine is no easy feat – especially when you're meant to have one for morning and a separate for the night.

The pharmacy aisles are overwhelming, the TikTok tips conflicting and the skincare product reviews are endless.

To make matters even worse, skincare is expensive.

And as the cost-of-living continues to bite, affordable products are more important than ever.

But according to one dermatologist, there's no need to break the bank in your pursuit of clear skin.

It's all about "staying consistent with your routine," Dr Jason Thomson, head of medical at Skin + Me, told The Sun.

"Results don't happen overnight and usually it takes at least six months before you really start to notice improvements.

"A stripped back routine: cleanse, treat, hydrate, protect is all you actually need to get the best results," he explained.

Both evening and morning skin routines are just as important as one another.

Your daytime skincare routine focus on protecting your skin from sun damage and pore-clogging agents like dirt and pollution.

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While your night time routine should be all about keeping your skin hydrated, treating acne-prone skin, and addressing skin concerns

Evening routine

Cerave hydrating cleanser

Retails at £9.99 on Amazon

Cerave is a dermatologist-approved favourite in the skincare world.

The hydrating cleanser is a no-nonsense affordable must-have made for providing a moisturising cleanse with three essential ceramics and hyaluronic acid.

"I recommend this as it’s a great cleanser at a reasonable price," Dr Jason said.

"It's gentle on the skin barrier (outer layer of the skin), but also effective at removing the day's build up of dirt, oil, make-up and sunscreen," he added.

Superdrug’s optimum retinol serum extra strength 0.3%

etails at £15.99 in Superdrug

Treatments you can buy from your local pharmacy are usually the best bet in terms of cost-saving.

And instead of buying multiple items, try opting for a multi-use product like a retinol – which contains several ingredients including vitamin C.

The expert said: "Superdrug's retinol serum, is reasonably priced and a good option for those new to retinoids.

"Retinoids should be part of your evening routine as they are unstable and most will be inactivated in the presence of sunlight."

Neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturiser

Retails at £8.66 in Boots

Moisturiser is the building block of all good skin routines.

And according to the dermatologist, Neutrogena's cream is a great option for all skin types.

"This is a lightweight yet deeply hydrating product that contains hyaluronic acid (a chemical which retains moisture better than water)."

"It’s also non-comedogenic which means it won’t clog pores," he adds

Morning routine

Cerave hydrating cleanser

This cleanser can double up as an effective morning face wash, the expert explained.

Naturium vitamin C complex serum

Retails at £22 from Space NK

This product is more on the pricier side, but according to Dr Jason, it's worth having in your bathroom cabinet to use in the mornings.

"I recommend vitamin C in the morning as it has strong scientific evidence for skin-ageing concerns and also is a powerful antioxidant which means it offers skin protection from environmental stressors such as pollution," he explains.

Neutrogena hydroboost water gel moisturiser

"If your skin’s feeling a bit dry or tight from the retinoid, try using this hydrating cream again," Dr Jason said.

Altruist Face Fluid SPF 50

Retails at £9.90 on Amazon

Experts have been banging on about the benefits of SPF for quite some time now.

You should be applying sun cream every day, according to dermatologists – even if it's cloudy or overcast outside.

Aside from protecting our faces from the sun's harmful UV rays, the product can also act as a barrier against the blue light on our screens.

"Every dermatologist will recommend sunscreen as an essential step in an anti-ageing skincare routine.

"The single biggest contributor to skin-ageing is the sun’s ultraviolet rays (as well as being the leading cause of skin cancer).

"And this product is great value and cosmetically elegant, light sunscreen fluid."

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