Idris and Sabrina Elba have a new podcast all about relationships

Here’s everything we know about Idris and Sabrina Elba’s new Audible podcast, Coupledom.

Let’s count all the ways we adore Idris Elba. The actor is, of course, best known for his titular role in the BBC’s gripping detective series, Luther (which Elba has said is “this close” to getting a follow-up film). He’s also a fan favourite to take over the iconic 007 role in the James Bond franchise. And, just recently, he announced he is publishing a children’s book inspired by his daughter. Oh, and Elba will also be lending his voice to HBO’s A World Of Calm, a new wellbeing series to help people relax before bedtime (because who can resist those relaxing tones?).

Now, the star is giving fans another reason to get excited, with the announcement of a new podcast that he’s recorded with his wife Sabrina. 

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Coupledom is a six-part Audible series, which sees the Elbas dig into what makes successful relationships thrive in business, activism, love and life. It also explores challenging first-hand experiences of arranged marriage, discrimination and representation.

In each episode, the couple will delve into the world of extraordinary partnerships with well-known twosomes, including: Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West, Ben and Jerry, Christian Louboutin and Mika, Nadiya and Abdal Hussain, Tommy and Codie Oliver, and Mary and Sharon Bishop Baldwin.

New podcasts 2021: Coupledom by Idris and Sabrina Elba.

Coupledom to myself and Idris, means the realm of shared experiences between two partners in life or business, creating extraordinary outcomes,” Sabrina said in a press release. 

“In our Audible Original podcast, we’ve truly been able to explore ‘Coupledom’ through some of the world’s most interesting duos for honest, unguarded discussions about all the complexities of living a shared life. I’ve taken so many lessons from our guests’ unique partnerships and I hope listeners of the podcast will be just as inspired as I have been.”

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The couple started dating in 2017 and married in beautiful Marrakech ceremony 2019. Speaking to People about the moment they met in a jazz bar, Idris recently said: “We started dating and I fell head over heels. Everyone was like, ‘Hey man, you seem so much happier.’ I didn’t realise I was, but the truth is that it really sparked a lot of conversations around how a partnership can bring out the best in you.”

Coupledom will be available to download from the 24 June. The guest stars in episode one are the Hussains, who talk about living in an arranged marriage, and how that marriage had to change when Nadiya entered the public eye. The other five episodes will also be ready to download and listen to.

Coupledom is available to Audible members or you can listen for free with Audible’s 30-day trial.

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