Icardi's stunning wife Wanda reveals secrets to pert bum with £230 electrostimulation system as she stuns in sexy photo

WANDA NARA has told her fans how she keeps her bum in great shape – by using a £230 electrostimulation device.

The 34-year-old took to social media to show off her pert bottom, where she could be seen using the system on her buttocks.

Nara – who is married to Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi – uploaded a snap of herself in a white T-shirt and black thong.

Captioning the snap, she said: "Strengthening @bossrecovery.arg."

Argentine footballers Lucas Pratto and Guillermo Fernandez are two other notable users of the device.

As listed on the company's website, the device – that can be used to burn fat and treat cellulite – will set you back £230.

Highlighting what their intelligent electrostimulation system does, they said: "Using electrical impulses, the device causes muscle contractions in the same way as when we exercise.

"In supplementation with physical activity, it makes the muscles exercise faster, optimising results.

"Its use strengthens both the immune system and the muscles that are weakened. Electro.Boss accelerates the recovery process by oxygenating the muscles.

"It also regulates the tone of the muscle fiber and by eliminating lactic acid preventing injuries.


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"This system also helps correct body posture and alleviate back problems. Use them to treat cellulite, tone your abs, and burn fat."

Nara recently sent social media wild as again she flashed her bottom, only this time she was naked on top of a horse.

Incredibly that image wasn't even in her top ten of most liked snaps, with a topless photo her most popular picture to date.

Other notable snaps include a nude photo in the shower along with multiple bikini pictures.


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