How Toni Braxton’s Fiancé Birdman Feels About Her Calling Dennis Rodman ‘Hot’

After Birdman’s fiancée, Toni Braxton, publicly said that she thought Dennis Rodman was ‘kinda hot’ in his prime, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned if someone needs to unbreak the rapper’s heart over these comments.

After a resurfaced photo showed Toni Braxton, 52, cuddling up to Dennis Rodman, 58, fans wondered if these two ever hooked up. As Toni was putting down the rumors of any possible romance, she did say she thought Dennis “was kinda hot in the 90s.” Did this comment leave her current love, Birdman, 51, seeing red at the former Chicago Bulls player? Not at all. “Birdman is completely fine with Toni’s thoughts,” a source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “because it is not like she is going to be leaving him. Bird is more than confident that he’s her man, and she is just telling her thoughts and truth.”

“It’s OK [for Toni] to be attracted to another” person, the Birdman insider tells HollywoodLife, adding that he knows she won’t “take it to another level.” AKA, Toni can say she thought Dennis was a snack three decades ago because Bird knows she’s not going to leave him in 2020. “Bird knows exactly where Toni is coming from, and he is totally cool with it. There is no problem whatsoever with what she brought up.”

“Birdman is one of the most confident men you’ll meet,” a second source tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “so he paid no attention to Toni’s tweet. Plus, Toni and Birdman go way back, so he knows what she meant by it. She is a sweetheart and never wants to make anybody feel bad but, at the same time, she wanted to clear up the rumors and let people know she never dated Rodman. So, by putting it out there that she used to think he was ‘kinda hot’ but also making it clear that they never dated, Toni was letting it be known that there was nothing wrong if she had dated him, but just stating that she hadn’t.”

Blame ESPN’s The Last Dance for causing this mid-90s romance clownery. The docuseries, detailing Michael Jordan’s time with the Chicago Bulls, recently highlighted the years that Dennis Rodman was with the team. Since Rodman was a media sensation in his prime, The Last Dance focused on his dating history, which included Carmen Electra, Madonna, Michelle Moyer, and more. The episode showed photos of him cozying up with Toni, leading some to allege they were an item.

“Even though I thought [Dennis] was kinda hot in the 90s,” Toni tweeted, addressing the allegations, “I never dated Dennis Rodman. WE were at the VMAs.”


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