How to poach an egg

Gordon Ramsay reveals how to make perfect scrambled eggs

Poached eggs are the healthiest eggs to eat because the method doesn’t add any unnecessary calories. Poached eggs- along with boiled eggs- lose the least amount of nutrients during the cooking process. Not too sure on how to make one? talks you through BBC Good Food’s guide to poaching an egg.

How to poach an egg

Step one

Try poaching one egg at a time to start.

Make sure your eggs are really fresh, since fresh eggs have a thicker white to hold the shape around the yolk.

You can tell how fresh an egg is by putting it in a glass of water; if it lies horizontally at the bottom, it is very fresh.

If the egg starts to float or stand on end it is less fresh.

If your egg isn’t so fresh, crack it into a small bowl and drain off the runnier white.

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Step two

Crack your egg into a bowl or onto a saucer.

It’s easier to slide the egg into the pan from a bowl or saucer than it is to crack it straight into the water.

If there is any very runny white surrounding the thicker white then tip this away.

Step three

Fill a pan of water with water so it is at least 5cm deep.

Turn on the heat and let the water simmer.

Add a drop of vinegar to the pan, but don’t add any salt.

Salt may add taste to other eggs, but it will break up the egg white.

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Step four

Stir the water to create a gentle whirlpool to help the egg white wrap around the yolk.

This only works if you’re cooking one poached egg at a time.

This tip helps to make your eggs more spherical and hold together.

Step five

Stop swirling and make sure the water is only slightly bubbling.

Big bubbles will be too aggressive for the egg and ruin your hard work.

Tip the egg into the centre of the whirlpool.

Step six

Cook the egg for three to four minutes, or until the white is set.

Take the egg out of the pan with a slotted spoon and gently drain it on the paper.

Trim away any straggly bits of white hanging off the egg.

If you’re cooking another, make sure the water isn’t too hot and bubbly.

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