How to organise your pantry

As our homes have become the centres of our universe amid the lockdown conditions, many of us are searching for the best ways to organise, tidy and style our living spaces. Instagram icons like Stacey Solomon, Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo are sharing their best tips for clever storage and organisation, but how can you organise your pantry?

Whether you have a standalone pantry or just want to organise your kitchen cupboards, there are some tips you can use to ‘Hinch’ your way to a tidy space.

1. Go through your cupboards

Many of us are guilty of stocking up on canned goods, then forgetting what we’ve bought and stocking up again.

This can lead to duplicates, out of date items and general disorder in your kitchen cupboards.

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Pull everything out of your cupboards and look at use-by dates, throwing away any items out of date.

If you have duplicates of items and know you don’t necessarily need them, consider donating them to food banks.

With the current coronavirus crisis, food banks are in need of supplies for families who can’t afford much.

Wipe the shelves and then pop back your tins tidily to complete this step.

2. Store dry items in glass jars

With items like pasta, rice, dried beans, cereal and grains, plastic packets can take up a lot of space.

Instead, store these goods in glass jars, even label them if you wish, to make the most of your space.

Not only will these items store better, but they will look nicer on the shelves.

Given the restrictions preventing non-essential shopping outside the home, you can turn to Amazon for your glassware and label needs.

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3. Create more space with a Lazy Susan

Purchasing a rotating two-tiered Lazy Susan can be a clever way to maximise your space.

There are variations of this available widely online for those looking to try this tip.

Pop spices, packets of crisps, baking ingredients and more in the tiers and you have a creative but simple way to access your food.

4. Attach baskets or storage to your cupboard doors to maximise space

If you have a cupboard for storing your food, try attaching baskets or hanging bags to the door for extra storage.

These can be attached non invasively with hanging strips – which are easily removed by pulling a tab.

This can be to store food, packets or even cleaning supplies, kitchen towels, reusable bags and more.

5. Add hooks or clips to walls

For cloths, kitchen towels or packets of food – installing clips can be a clever way to store items without taking up too much space.

Hooks can be somewhere to hang cleaning supplies, utensils or pans if you have little space.

Hanging a corkboard inside a cupboard door can be a solution to add hooks without damaging your cupboard.

A corkboard could also be a nifty place to pin a shopping list or even recipes.

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