How to make homemade VE Day decorations

This Friday is VE Day – the 75th anniversary of the day Europe ceased fighting in WWII and celebrated victory.

75 years ago they partied in the streets, and the images of that time are iconic in terms of British history. Over the years, similar parties have been held around the country in remembrance of that happy time.

Of course, this year is somewhat different.

Street parties are off the cards, and people have to resort to chatting with their families and friends on Zoom to celebrate.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get in the spirit, though. And what better to do so than by getting the house looking patriotic and seriously red, white, and blue.

If you’re planning a bit of last-minute decoration, we have some guides and recipes to do so.

Bunting designs

Although you could go old-school and sew bunting, you’d have to be some sort of electric nan to have the speed to get it done by tomorrow.

Thankfully there are plenty of printable options that don’t require threading a needle.

The one available on Cartridge People is great. Once you’ve printed off a few, cut out the triangles, then fold the top over a long piece of twine and use glue to secure. Easy.

Or you could get the kids involved with these adorable colour-in templates from Baker Ross. Just poke two holes through each page once they’re coloured and push the twine through.

Paper chains

What’s more wartime spirit than making do with what you’ve got in the house?

If you’re short on craft materials, paper chains are some of the easiest and cutest decorations you can make.

Cut paper or card into strips (obviously red, white, and blue would fit the theme, but any colour works). Use a glue stick to connect the ends of each strip together as you go, putting each ring through the one that came before.

VE Day jelly

Jelly and ice-cream is a quintessential party dessert, and it’s surprisingly easy to make into an impressive afternoon tea centrepiece.

For the first layer, use strawberry jelly. Fill a third of your container with the mixture and leave to set.

The white layer can be made in a couple of ways. Either you can make a blancmange from scratch (this recipe is great and uses only a few ingredients) or you can buy blancmange mix from bigger supermarkets.

Alternatively, a panna cotta would taste delicious as part of this centrepiece.

Fill the second third of your container with the next mix and again leave to set in the fridge.

For the blue part, Hartley’s have an amazing blue glitter mixed berry jelly mix that can be bought from many supermarkets.

Or you could opt to make your own, using the first two steps from this blue jelly pool recipe from Asda.

Once again, fill your mould and leave to set. And voila!

Hand sign painting

Finger painting is always fun, but for a VE day twist you can cover your whole hand in paint and recreate the iconic Churchill VE Day hand sign.

Pop your hand into a V sign (from the front, we’re not trying to flip off the neighbours here), and cover in paint.

Imprint your hand onto old fabric (a good use of those pillowcases in the back of the airing cupboard), and you’ll have an appropriately decorated window hanging.

Use some coloured pens to write messages and hang them up for everyone to see.

Do you have some great craft tips to share?

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