How to cut men’s hair at home – a simple step-by-step guide

Men’s hair usually needs cutting much more frequently than women’s. Getting a shape-up is a weekly ritual for many British men but it could be months before their next trip to the barbers. Whether you sport a fully-shaved-do or a longer style, you will probably be complaining that your hair has grown out far too long. Perhaps your other half has bleached their hair blonde (like every other male on Instagram) and is now complaining about how ridiculous he looks. Don’t worry, you can cut it yourself from home. chats to barber Nico Ditella from Nico’s Barbershop in Luton, Bedfordshire to find out how to master a basic ‘short back and sides’ haircut.

Step One

Nico says: “Comb the hair through to the natural way the hair wants to fall. Follow from the crown of the head outwards.”

Step Two

You will need a pair of clippers, if you don’t already have clippers at home Nico recommends Wahl’s Super Taper Cordless Clipper.

He says: “With trimmers, you pay for what you get. If you want cheap, they won’t be sharp enough to cut properly.

“If you spend a little extra money, you will get a decent cut and won’t pull the hair.”

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Once you’ve got your clippers handy, it is time to pick a clipper guard.

The lower the guard number, the shorter the hair will be.

The numbers are all measured by millimetres, from one to eight.

If you normally get a skin fade, or anything less than a one, Nico recommends leaving it to the experts.

He says: “Really short hair is a young trend, and barbers know how to do it well.

“If you want to maintain a really short cut – less than a one – you should wait until after lockdown and get your barber to do it for you.”

Once you have decided, place the clipper guard on the top of the clippers and get to work.

Step Three

In this example, Nico explains how to get a ‘two’ cut.

He says: “Every barber cuts differently, but my rule is if you want a two, use clipper guards two, three and then four. If you want a three, I use three, and then four and five.

“If you want a four, I would start with four and then go up to five and six”.

Apply the length the person wants to Nico’s simple advice.

He says: “Take the clippers with the two attached, and start at the temple is.

“Do not go any higher yet, as you need space to fade or blend in your cut.”

Step Four

Nico says: “Follow all the way around the head, from the temples to the centre.

“When you get towards the centre, your hand needs to dip a little lower. This allows for plenty of room for the crown to be blended in.

“If the person has double crowns, dipping down lower will help.”

However, if the person has shorter hair you should be fine to bring your hand all the way around with the two in a straight line, says Nico.

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Step Five

After that, it’s time to move on to the next clipping guard.

Nico explains: “Take the number three and gently stroke above the number two line, creating another line above it.

“Follow the line all the way around the head”.

Step Six

Now, switch back to the lower clipping guard number. In this case, put the two on the clippers.

On the side of the clippers, push the lever back to get a 2.5.

Nico says: “Stroke the line between the lines you created with the 2 and 3.”

Step Seven

Now it is time to use your highest clipping guard.

Nico says: “Grab the four and remove the number three line.

“Then do exactly what you did in step six, but this time using three and a half.”

Then, it’s time to clean up.

Step Eight

Nico says: “Now it is time to line up the edges, but do not go too far into the hair.

“Go around the ears and make sure you clean up the neck.

“Once that’s done, we the hair and cut in wherever you want the hair slightly shorter.”

And voila, that’s it!

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