How to cook halloumi on the BBQ

Halloumi is a semi-hard, unripened, brined cheese which is made from a goat and sheep milk. Halloumi originated in Cyprus in the Medieval Byzantine period and gained popularity throughout the rest of the Middle East region. It has a distinctive layered texture and has a salty flavour, but how can you cook halloumi on the BBQ?

How to grill halloumi on the BBQ

Slice your halloumi cheese into thick pieces, around ⅓ inch to avoid them falling apart on the grill.

Throw the cheese on the grill for around three minutes per side or until the cheese shows golden brown char marks.

Remove the cheese from the grill and serve.


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How to make halloumi skewers on the BBQ

Begin by preheating your barbecue.

Cut the halloumi into bite-sized cubes and then thread them onto a skewer.

Brush the cheese with olive oil lightly and then cook for five minutes turning regularly until the halloumi is golden brown on all sides.

How to make halloumi fries


  • 170g pot Greek yoghurt
  • One lemon, zested, then cut into wedges for squeezing
  • One tbsp rose harissa
  • Three tbsp za’atar, plus extra for sprinkling
  • 75g plain flour
  • Two x 250g blocks halloumi, cut into fries
  • Oil, for frying
  • Handful of mint with leaves torn.

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Mix the yoghurt and lemon zest with some seasoning before you swirl through the harissa so that there are hot and cool elements in the dip.

On a plat, you should stir in the za’atar into the flour before you roll the halloumi in the mixture so it is evenly coated.

Next heat the oil in a shallow, heavy-bottomed pan or casserole dish until 180C on a cooking thermometer or a piece of bread browns in 20 seconds.

You should work in batches carefully lowering the halloumi into the oil and cooking for two minutes until it is crisp and golden.

Next, you should drain the kitchen paper and finally, you should sprinkle over the mint and za’atar and serve with lemon wedges and the spicy yoghurt mixture.

Can you reheat halloumi?

Technically you can reheat cooked halloumi, but it is not advised.

Halloumi is best eaten as soon as it is cooked.

The cheese can become rubbery once it cools after cooking and microwaving can make it even more rubbery.

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