How much will it cost to watch ALL 92 Premier League games on TV?

Premier League end-of-season TV ticket will cost fans £117.98 as viewers face shelling out on three different subscriptions to see all 92 remaining matches – and here’s how to get the cheapest deal

  • Premier League football is on its way back, with all 92 matches being shown live
  • Four different broadcasters are showing games, so what is best way to watch?
  • Sportsmail has found the best deals for Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime
  • It is possible to watch all 92 for a cost of £1.28 per game on TV, or 67p on mobile
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

After three barren months with no live Premier League action on our screens, the excitement is palpable ahead of next month’s big restart.

Following the coronavirus shutdown, all 92 remaining matches in the 2019-20 season will be broadcast live across four different broadcasters in the UK.

And with no supporters able to watch inside the stadium, more football fans than ever will be desperate to find the best way to watch at home on TV from June 17 – and it is possible to catch all the action for £117.98. 

Premier League football will soon return to our screens for a mammoth feast of summer action


The final 92 Premier League matches of the season will be split across four different broadcasters. Here’s how many each of them has…

Sky Sports: 64 (25 free-to-air)

BT Sport: 20

Amazon Prime: 4


While the full schedule has not yet been confirmed, we know that Sky Sports, BT Sport, Amazon Prime and the BBC are the four broadcasters showing games, with Sky already committing to putting 25 of their 64 matches out free-to-air.

But, of course, it will cost some money if you’re to legally watch every match between now and the scheduled July 26 final day.

Here, Sportsmail takes you through the four different broadcasters and the cheapest way to watch all the action across the ultimate summer of football…  

Let’s start with the big dogs… Sky Sports are showing 64 of the remaining 92 matches, well over treble the amount of any of their rivals.

They have already committed to putting out 25 of them free-to-air, including a huge Merseyside derby between Liverpool and Everton on the opening weekend of games.

To watch all of the matches, though, you’ll have to dip your hand into your pocket… but never fear, we’ve researched the cheapest way to do it.

Of course, both Sky and BT rely on long subscriptions for their customers to keep the money rolling in, so full packages are often in 12-month or sometimes 24-month contracts – not ideal if you just want to watch a couple of months of football.

With the action restarting on June 17 and likely ending on July 26 – providing the coronavirus pandemic continues to ease and plans stay on track – you will only need to but two months’ worth of sports passes.

The familiar faces of Gary Neville (left) and Jamie Carragher will soon be back as pundits

The easiest way – and cheapest way – do that is through NOW TV’s Sky Sports monthly pass, which comes in at £33.99 a month. Across the two months’ worth of action, that is a total of £67.98 – or £1.06 a match if you plan on watching all of their 64 live games.

There is another decent – and cheaper option – but it comes with its restrictions. Sky also offer a far cheaper ‘mobile month pass’ for just £5.99. Across the two months that is £11.98, or just under 19p a match… but of course, you can only watch the action on your phone and not on a TV like the other, more expensive pass.

NOW TV also offer day and week passes, but they don’t offer the same value as the monthly deal. The daily pass is £9.99, and of course you could fire that up at 2:59pm on a Saturday and enjoy a real feast of action with games at 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm, and then 12pm and 2pm on the Sunday.

Sky Sports have the majority of the remaining games and will even show 25 of their 64 for free

The difficulty right now is that it hasn’t yet been announced which broadcasters will have which time slots, so it’s impossible to work out the best time to get a daily Sky pass.

The weekly NOW TV pass comes in at £14.99, and with Sky showing the majority of the 16 top-flight matches each week, if you don’t want a monthly pass you could take a look at the schedule and pick the best time to do this seven-day deal.

All of this information is, of course, subject to any new offers that Sky might give new and existing customers over the next three weeks before the action begins… but right now, it’s looking like £1.06 a match for the NOW TV monthly pass, or 19p a match if you’re willing to watch just on your phone.

The benefit of the NOW TV deals is no contract… so as soon as the season is up on the last week of July, you’re well within your rights to immediately cancel your subscription. 

Sky have confirmed that they will show the Merseyside derby for free on the opening weekend

BT Sport

Much like Sky, the majority of BT’s sports offers are only available if you buy broadband through them or already have a Sky box at home.

For those with the above, BT offer a £29.99 a month package for sports, but there is a £35 up-front charge to ensure you’re not tied into a contract, or a £20 up-front charge if you only want a 12-month deal.

Of course, we’re keen on just watching the final two months of Premier League action, and – happily – we can report a cheaper way to do it!

The company do offer a way to watch their 20 televised Premier League matches without needing BT broadband, and also without tying yourself into a long and complicated contract.

BT Sport will show 20 live Premier League matches between now and the end of the season

For £25 a month (so £50 for the two months we need across June and July for the football), you can sign up to their unlimited access online package. 

Including BT Sport Ultimate for a brilliant picture quality, you can watch games through the BT Sport app on mobile, tablet, console and Smart TV.

The benefit, of course, is that you can cancel as soon as the channel’s 20 matches are done and dusted… but BT do of course also have the Bundesliga rights, as well as UFC and other sports to enjoy outside the Premier League.

So, with the total coming in at £50 for the two months, that works out at £2.50 a game to watch BT Sport’s offerings. As of yet, there has been no confirmation about which games each broadcaster will show, so it’s a case of wait and see before you know what teams you’ll see for your money. 

Premier League players are back in contact training ahead of the June 17 return to the pitch

Amazon Prime

This one is a little easier. As you may well have already worked out from the 20 matches the online giant showed in December, there are ways to watch Prime’s coverage without paying a penny.

Earlier in the season, Amazon had the rights to two rounds of fixtures, one in early December and the other just after Christmas. With them both coming in the same month, it only required one monthly subscription payment to ensure you saw all the action.

We currently know that Amazon have the rights to four matches of the final 92, but we don’t know the timeframe and whether they will be across one month or two.

Amazon had 20 games earlier in the season and they will show a further four in June and July

If they are across one month, then it’s very easy to watch the matches for free. Amazon Prime offer a 30-day free trial for their services, so you’d be able to sign up on the day of the game and watch to your heart’s content for a month before cancelling it ahead of the next month’s subscription kicking in.

Of course, if their matches are spread wider than a 30-day period, you may have to keep the subscription for longer and pay a month of their usual £7.99 rate.

To conclude… if Amazon’s four games are in the space of a month – it’ll be free to watch them, and if they’re across two months, it’s £7.99. If the latter is the case, that works out at a not-too-pricey £2 a match. 


In an unprecedented turn of events, it was announced on Thursday that public broadcaster the BBC had acquired the rights to four of the remaining 92 matches.

That’s great news for you and I, because if you pay your licence fee you’re going to be able to watch them for free, either on TV or online on the iPlayer.

As with all the other broadcasters, it’s not yet been announced which games they’ll show… but the coverage is likely to be fronted by Gary Lineker, with the usual Match of the Day punditry faces like Ian Wright and Alan Shearer among the team.

The BBC have acquired the rights to four Premier League matches, which will be free to watch

So how much will it cost overall?

Let’s take a look at the full cost to get all the subscriptions needed to watch every game…

First of all, it should be noted that for free, you’ll be able to watch at least 29 games across Sky’s free-to-air 25 and the BBC’s four. Of course, if the Amazon matches come in the space of a month, that takes the free offering up to 33 matches… or 36 per cent of the remaining Premier League games without paying a penny.

If you’re happy to watch on a mobile device, then you could get the £5.99 a month Sky mobile-only deal and the BT online access monthly pass, paying £61.98 for everything over the space of two months. That works out at just over 67p per match.

Of course, of those 92 matches, 29 are free on Sky and the BBC, so you would really be paying £1.05p a match for the 59 subscription-only fixtures on Sky and BT, and £1.11 a game if you add a one-month Amazon subscription and their four games.

Fans can watch every single one of the 92 games for 67p per match on mobile or £1.28 on TV

If you want the full television experience, you’ll need to pay for two months of Sky and two months of BT, coming to a total of £117.98 (£67.98+£50). That works out at £1.28 a game to see every single ball kicked across the 92 remaining matches.

Again, across the 59 subscription-only BT and Sky games you’re actually paying for, that’s pretty much exactly £2 a match.

Of course, we may need to once again factor in a month of Amazon’s £7.99 fee if the scheduling doesn’t work in our favour, taking the overall amount to £125.97, or £1.37 a game. Of the 63 you’d actually be paying for, that’s £2 a game again.

But regardless of the cost, one thing is for sure… the Premier League is nearly back, and after three months of nothing, it can’t come soon enough.


Having Premier League action back is all well and good, but many of us are used to watching in pubs or stadiums with large groups of our friends. Of course, that isn’t possible in the current coronavirus climate, but there are still ways to enjoy the match with your friends – while also staying safe.

From Monday, prime minister Boris Johnson has announced that up to six people from different households will be able to mix outside including in gardens, while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

So BBQs in the sunshine are on, meaning you and five of your friends are allowed to gather in a garden on matchday. Get your replica shirts on, drag your TV into the garden, and voila – the perfect matchday experience, while still staying safe and observing the government’s rules. 

Of course, if the garden isn’t an option then you and your friends can still head to the local park. Some of the above viewing options include cheap deals for mobile and tablets, so with a couple of subscriptions and a decent speaker, it’s still possible to create an impressive football environment away from the home. It may hit your mobile data allowance hard, though!

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