How Kim Kardashian Felt About North West, 6, Interrupting Her Makeup Tutorial With A Meltdown

North West’s star-turning cameos on mom Kim Kardashian’s social media videos initially frustrated the ‘KUWTK’ star, but she’s realized something, a source tells HL exclusively: these little moments are something to cherish!

While Kim Kardashian absolutely loves the family togetherness fostered by California’s stay-at-home orders during the pandemic, she’s understandably seeking a little peace and quiet from time to time! The mom of four famously got one such moment interrupted when her eldest daughter, North West, straight up barged in on her April 9 Instagram makeup tutorial. Kim shared with her fans that she was literally holed up in a guest bathroom to get away from her kiddos — North, Saint, 4, Chicago, 2, and Psalm, 11 months — for a couple minutes, but hilarity ensued when her adorable six-year-old managed to track her down. Though Kim was visibly peeved during the video, she realized after it was over that the funny moment was something she would cherish forever, a source close to the KKW mogul told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.

At first, Kim was admittedly a little bit frustrated when North interrupted her makeup tutorial,” the source said. “Kim is totally a hands on mom and dedicates every free moment to her kids when she can, but [tutorials] were the one thing she tried to do for herself while being isolated. And she finally got a few free moments to herself! But after seeing how the video turned out and the reaction she and North got from everybody, Kim realized it was actually so much better than she had ever planned.” She even got another hilarious cameo out of Nori while attempting to film a stay-at-home PSA on April 14! The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was encouraging California residents to following self-isolation orders and stay put during the COVID-19 pandemic — and got just as far as introducing herself before North made her move. “And North West!” a little voice calls from off camera.

As Kim tries to stress that Californians need to stay home, you can hear North whisper “I went out!” Oops. Kim quickly says that North went in the backyard, and that’s okay. She pleads with her daughter to butt out after she starts jumping on the bed. The best part of the entire thing? California Governor Gavin Newsom posted the video on Twitter! He captioned it, “Listen to @KimKardashian (and North West!). #StayHomeSaveLives” Too good. You can watch both of North’s starring turns below:

After realizing that North’s not going to stop giving the fans what they want, Kim’s come around to the constant cameos, our insider said. The SKIMs founder not only finds the videos “hysterical,” but thinks of them as “such a cute way to document this time for her and North.” Could someone please get Kris Jenner on the phone and make a North KUWTK spinoff happen, like ASAP?

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