Hooters plans to open second UK restaurant – but locals arent happy about it

Hooters is hoping to open in a new UK location – but some Brits aren't keen on the idea.

The popular American chain is known for its scantily-clad waitresses who wear orange shorts and low-cut vest tops as uniform.

While the outfits are important, the restaurant also comes with a "strict" policy that got one woman's colleagues fired.

Now an application has been submitted to Salford City Council for live music and dance performances.

If it gets the green light, Hooters will open its second UK restaurant at Salford Quays.

While some can't wait, others believe the US-based chain is "degrading to women" because of the "scantily-clad" waitresses.

If the licence is granted, the new Hooters will open from 9am until 1am every night of the week, just like in the US.

The branch would become the second of its chain in the UK, with the first in Nottingham.

Plans to open a branch in Liverpool have already been the subject of a petition calling the chain "archaic and chauvinistic".

Manchester Evening News asked readers to share their opinions on what they think about the potential new addition.

One person claimed it was "about time" there was a Hooters.

Another added: "Stag do sorted," while a third said: "It will do well.

"Been to a couple in America, and the Nottingham one several times and have always had a far nicer meal and massively better service than most UK restaurants.

"I've said for a while that one would do very well in the GM area."

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But not everyone was set on the idea of it coming to Salford, with one saying: "I hope all the workers get treated nice and they don't get too cold.

"They need to turn the heating up and put the kettle on and keep warm."

Another slammed: "Reinforcing toxic masculinity, misogynistic, chauvinistic and outdated views.

"It is demeaning and degrading to women and girls."

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A third blasted: "Council will never approve. Hopefully…"

While a fourth chimed in: "How degrading for women having to wear such attire for work. This shouldn't be happening in the twenty-first century."

There's work to be done on whether the restaurant will open as it's awaiting a licence by the council.

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