Hitting Back? Doja Cat Announces Her New Song Is Called ‘NAS’

Even though the ‘Say So’ hitmaker makes it clear that ‘NAS’ is actually an acronym, a number of people are convinced that she will clap back at the male MC on the song.

AceShowbiz -Is Doja Cat going to hit back at Nas after he disses her? The “Say So” hitmaker recently held an Instagram Live session in which she revealed to her fans that she’d be releasing a new song next week. Interestingly enough, her upcoming tune is entitled “NAS”.

However, Doja made it clear that “NAS” is an acronym rather than a reference to the male rapper’s name and that she wrote the song before Nas released his diss track. “If you know what I’m talking about, then you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, you don’t,” she said, before admitting that she looked kind of “evil” today.

Even though Doja didn’t reveal what “NAS” stands for during the Live session, a number of people already assumed that it stands for “N****s Ain’t S**t”. Some others, in the meantime, were convinced that she’s going to hit back at Nas even though she said the song was made before the diss song was released. “Oh she finna eat his a** up… Doja too cold to play with,” one person said. “oh she definitely edited her verse & directed the song towards him,” another assumed.

Nas previously took a jab at Doja through his song “Ultra Black. He rapped on the song, “We goin’ ultra Black, unapologetically black/ The opposite of Doja Cat, Michael Blackson black.” Nas was clearly referencing the “Moo!” rapper’s past controversy after a video surfaced showing her joining a group chat full of white supremacists. In addition to that, she was canceled due to her past song called “Dindu Nuffin”, which is considered a racial slur.

Doja herself has responded to the shade via a TikTok video. “I’m so offended and upset by this song,” she sarcastically said. “Have you guys heard ‘Fruit Salad’ by The Wiggles?”

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